'Clash of Clans' October Update Released: Here's Everything Supercell Added In The Latest Update

when clash of clans update release supercell new october coc release date features livestream what time helsinki
Wondering when the new Clash of Clans update will finally release? Check out Supercell's latest hint about the mid-October update release. Supercell

After what seemed like a never-ending wait, Supercell finally released the Clash of Clans October update. With it came a ton of exciting new changes including new troop training options, defensive structures, balances and ways to engage with the community. Below we've listed every change Supercell announced and a quick overview of how they work. 

What's New In "Clash of Clans" October Update?

when clash of clans update release supercell new october coc release date features livestream what time Helsinki bomb tower friendly wars
The bomb tower is a new defensive structure coming in the October 2016 Clash of Clans update. Photo: Supercell

New Troop Levels And Defense Structures

Quite a few new troops are making their way into this month’s update with the majority being concentrated on the upper level, Town Hall 11.

  • Wizard level 7 (Town Hall 10)
  • Hidden Tesla level 9 (Town Hall 11)
  • Baby Dragon level 5 (Town Hall 11)
  • Mortar level 10 (Town Hall 11)
  • Dragon level 6 (Town Hall 11)
  •  X-Bow level 5 (Town Hall 11)
  • 25 additional Wall pieces (Town Hall 11)
  • New bomb tower will become available to players at Town Hall 8 and can be upgraded to level 5. When players reach Town Hall 10, they have the option to build an additional bomb tower.

Balance Changes

when clash of clans update release supercell new october coc release date features livestream what time Helsinki bomb tower friendly wars
Balance changes and new levels for a number of troops are coming in the new October COC update. Photo: Supercell

A number of troops will see balance changes in October’s update to help keep gameplay “fun and interesting.”

  • Wizard level 6 hit points and damage slightly increased
  • Wizard level 6 available at Town Hall level 9. (Used to be locked until level 10).
  •  P.E.K.K.A empowered as Hidden Teslas lose ability to deal 2x damage to P.E.K.K.A
  • Mortar level 8-9 damage increased
  • Skeleton Spells spawn 26 skeletons over a single spell slot
  • Cloned troops from Clone Spells last longer in battle
  • Bowler hitpoints get slightly nerfed
  • Witch hitpoints boosted as well as a slight damage increase, making her more resilient to oncoming fire.
  • Giant bombs will lose strength against the Hog Rider, no longer deal 1.5x damage.

Upgrades Get Discounted

Some troops will receive upgrade discounts in terms of time or cost. The exact discount hasn’t been revealed but the following troops will be affected:

  • • Wizard 6
  • • Dragon 3-5
  • • Baby Dragon (all levels)
  • • Cannon 12-13
  • • Archer Tower 11-13
  • • Mortar 8-9
  • • Wizard Tower 7-8
  • • Hidden Tesla 5-8
  • • X-Bow 2-4

Clan War Rewards Changes

In the new update, Clan Wars get an update, allowing players to earn a partial War Win Bonus even if their attack fails and the War Win Bonuses will no longer be reduced when you attack a lower Town Hall level. More difficult targets in war, however, with gain you more Clan XP with a cap of 10XP. According to Supercell, the changes to Clan Wars are meant to “lessen the downsides of more ambitious war attacks” while providing “better rewards” for  “clean-up attacks.”

New Army Training And Quick Train Features

when clash of clans update release supercell new october coc release date features livestream what time Helsinki bomb tower friendly wars
The quick train tab allows you to save favorite armies or quickly train the last army used. Photo: Supercell

The new update will include an updated army training icon on the left-hand side of the game screen.  The new army training menu includes four tabs labeled “Army,” “Train Troops,” “Brew Spells,” and “Quick Train.”

  • Army tab - serves as a master organizer for all of your stuff. There you can see the troops and spells that are ready to use for your next attack. You can also heal heroes, edit your current army or request reinforcements from clan mates in the Army tab.
  • Train Troops tab - you can train all troops including dark elixir troops once you’ve built the dark barracks. To choose the troops you want to use in your next attack you simply tap on them and they are added to your current army. You can prioritize which troops get trained first by pressing and dragging on the troops’ icons to order them according to priority. The new update allows you to train enough troops for two armies at the same time. You will be able to tell which troops are part of your second army because they will be highlighted in red.
  • Brew Spells tab – here you can brew elixir and dark elixir spells. Like with the Troops training tab, you can arrange the spells in order of prep priority, as well as prepare enough for a second army.
  • Quick Train tab – This new tab allows players to create plans for up to three different armies, or quickly train the previous army you used with just one tap. Having the ability to store favorite armies and instantly train them takes a lot of the painstaking effort out of prepping armies for battle. Creating new armies to save is easy. You just have to tap on the “Create” button at the bottom of Quick Train tab.

Friendly War Feature

The new Friendly War feature allows players to send challenges via opponent Clan Profiles. Players can accept Friendly War challenges via the Clan chat. There is also a way to disable challenges in Friendly War Clan settings for those who don’t want to participate. Friendly War issuers can create custom war durations as short as an hour along with the freedom to decide on size as well. Friendly Wars won’t win you any awards or loot, as they are just meant for fun, but they also don’t consume your armies (only attacking Clan Castle troops are consumed when attacking).

You can see a quick rundown of all the new Clash of Clans October update features in the video below.


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