Clanfolk Now Has Cats and Rats in Update 7

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Cats and rats are now available in the medieval colony sim Clanfolk via the recently released Update 7.

Rats in Clanfolk will spawn when players cut grasses like hay, oats, and reeds. Just like their real-life counterparts, rats can spoil food by nibbling and pooping on it.

The arrival of rats will attract the attention of the Scottish wildcats. Players will know their location when a new type of den appears on the map. While they prefer eating rats, wildcats can also eat rabbits if they don’t find rodents in the vicinity.

Wildcats are tameable, which can be done in two ways. The first is when they spend time near humans, provided that the humans are about 12 tiles away. Even though domesticating them this way is painfully slow, this method does not require players to micro-manage.

The second and more effective way of taming these cats is with the use of pet bowls. Pet bowls can be placed outside and will attract the attention of wildcats. Note that even if cats are tamed faster using this method, it does require daily maintenance and food.

Update 7 is pretty huge, but here are the other notable things brought by this patch:

  • Cut the rat spawning down until Cats are ready.
  • Max Rats now 5 (was 30)
  • Rats will not appear until day 3
  • Fixed Rats eating bowls along with their contents.
  • Rats appear when any grass or reeds are cut (10% chance)
  • Rats can move and hide under objects
  • Rats add a small amount of spoilage to items/storage on the tile where they eat
  • Rats add "RatFilth" in the areas where they eat. It is ugly and may spread disease later.
  • Rats are most active at night and will only eat during the day if starving
  • Baby animals will inherit wild/tame from their mother.
  • Baby Humans and Pets do not break room privacy
  • Tamed Wildcat is considered a Pet
  • Wild animals only breed with there is no overpopulation vs. prey
  • Wild animals that are not classed as vermin(rats) will try not to wander around indoors.
  • Added a pounce and stun mechanic to the cat's attacks making them much more effective in catching the sneaky rats.
  • When cats go into stalking mode, they crouch down now while they sneak up.
  • Tamed Cats will not go after Rabbits and prefer Rats and Human Food
  • Tamed Cats will stop breeding once there is too much overpopulation. Tames allow for more overpopulation than wild cats do

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Clanfolk is available on PC.

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