Civilization VI Adds Indonesia Civ Led By Warrior-Queen Dyah Gitarja

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Indonesia is led by warrior-queen Dyah Gitarja in Civilization VI's upcoming Fall 2017 Update.
Indonesia is led by warrior-queen Dyah Gitarja in Civilization VI's upcoming Fall 2017 Update. (c) 2K and Firaxis Games

Civilization VI has announced new civilization Indonesia as part two of their Fall DLC update, which already includes the Khmer civilization.

Indonesia is led by warrior-queen Dyah Gitarja, who led her army in person and brought the Majapahit Empire into a Golden Age. Check out the video below:

Indonesia’s unique ability is called Great Nusantara: Coastal Tiles provide minor adjacency bonuses for Holy Sites, Campuses, Industrial Zones and Theatre Squares. Entertainment Complexes give an extra Amenity if they’re adjacent to a non-lake coastal title.

Indonesia’s unique unit replaces the Frigate and is called the Jong. Faster than the Frigate, all units in its formation gain its movement speed. It also gets extra combat power when in a formation. (Come on Jongs, now let’s get in formation?)

The unique improvement for Indonesia is called the Kampung, which can be built in coastal tiles adjacent to a water resource. The Kampung provides Housing, Production and Food for each adjacent Fishing Boat. It can be improved further late in the game via tech research.

Gitarja’s unique Leader ability is “Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds.” Naval units can be purchased at a discount with Faith, and Religious units pay no movement cost to embark or disembark. Coastal cities also get bonus Faith.

Indonesia is best used on an Island Plates Map or their True Start location to take advantage of their bonuses in settling many small landmasses. Indonesia can build strong, well-supported cities in places where other civs would struggle to increase their population or productivity. Gitarja’s Leader ability helps maximize the potential of these cities.

Indonesia has many bonuses to their navy, so using the navy proactively to defend your cities from attacks by water will be important. Indonesia can also use their navy to aggressively spread their religion — or simply conquer the world.

In a blog post on Civilization 6's Steam page, dev team member Sarah Darney explained some of what players could expect with the fall 2017 update. Major changes to Religion include:

  • New religious beliefs and religious units

  • Two new Pantheons

  • New Founder, Follower, Enhancer and Worship Beliefs

  • Two new religious buildings

  • A new religious combat unit, the Warrior Monk

  • Revamped religious combat: religious units can now exert Zone of Control and receive Flank and Support bonuses

  • The Guru religious support unit can heal nearby religious units

  • Religion Lens has been overhauled for usability and readability

There are also big improvements coming to UI, AI and game balance:

  • Improved AI chance of building naval units, fleets and armadas

  • Improved AI naval healing and protection of units (we see you, Indonesia)

  • Removal of the least useful Gossip messages

  • An update to the Diplomacy screens to make relevant info clear and easy to find

  • Updated Great People art

  • Capital icons now show on city banners in Espionage Mission selection menu

Darney promised “more changes are coming soon” and more details will be made available when the Fall 2017 Update goes live.

Will you be playing Indonesia or the Khmer first? What part of the Fall 2017 Update are you most looking forward to? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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