Civilization VI Welcomes Khmer King Jayavarman VII

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Check out all the details about the new civilization for Civilization VI: the Khmer, led by warrior and king Jayavarman VII. (c) 2k, Firaxis Games

Civilization VI’s family of great world civilizations has expanded by one: the Khmer, led by Khmer King Jayavarman VII.

“Rising to power during a period of crisis for the Khmer, Jayavarman was a military leader. By 1181, Jayavarman VII had repelled Cham invaders to the north and when hostilities died down, he crowned himself king. But instead of turning outward and seeking to aggressively expand, he focused on his people,” said 2K and Firaxis Games in a press release.

In the trailer introducing the Khmer, it’s noted that Jayavarman’s reign was marked both by military conquests and huge building projects including temples, highways, public rest houses and hospitals.

Khmer’s unique ability is Grand Barays: farms provide bonus food when adjacent to an Aqueduct, and Aqueducts provide both Faith and an Amenity. The Khmer’s unique unit is the Domrey, a ballista mounted on an elephant. This is a siege unit stronger than the Catapult it replaces, moves and shoots on the same turn and exerts Zone of Control. It unlocks once the Khmer has unlocked Military Engineering technology.

Khmer’s unique building is the Prasat, which replaces the Temple. Missionaries produced in the Prasat gain the Martyr promotion, which creates a Relic if the unit dies in theological combat, and the Prasat provides a Relic Great Work slot as well. Put all those dead missionaries to good use, eh wot?

Jayavarman’s unique ability is called “Monasteries of the King.” Holy sites not only grab adjacent territory, but also provide Food and Housing when built on a river.

Using its bonuses to Housing and the Aqueduct district, the Khmer can create thriving, populous cities. The Khmer’s religious strengths are especially well suited for the first half of the game. Establishing a strong core territory through strategic use of Rivers and manipulating missionaries to gain theological points are some of the ways you can lead the Khmer to victory in Civilization VI.

Are you happy to see a new non-Western civilization star in Civilization VI? What civilization are you hoping to see next? Let us know in the comments section below.

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