Cities: Skylines Team Gives Update on Banned Mods

Why some mods have been banned.
Why some mods have been banned. Paradox Interactive

Modding has always been a glue that brings players together. This has been true for Cities: Skylines whose modding community has long shown not only its dedication but also its helpful nature. However, there have been some issues at the game’s Steam Workshop, particularly related to malware.

This has resulted in two mods being banned - “Network Extensions 3” and “Update from Github.”

Blocking Users

What exactly happened? According to a post made by the development team, the “Network Extensions 3” mod was banned because it discriminated against specific Steam users. The mod first blocked a shortlist of Steam users from using it. But that was later changed to what seemed to be buggy gameplay. Still, the mod was banned because by blocking users or creating specific restrictions, it violated the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

Potential Abuse

The “Update from Github” mod was removed after appearing on the Workshop. What it did was check for and install updates to mods directly from Github. This resulted in existing Workshop subscriptions experiencing changes without the knowledge of the user. It was removed not only because it bypassed the Workshop but also to avoid potential abuse.

Another One

The “Harmony (Redesigned)” mode was also discussed. The team revealed that the mod hasn’t been updated since March 2021. No additional updates are possible for this workshop item since the account is banned. It also meant that contributors won’t be able to update workshop items.

Patch 1.14.0-f8

Last week a patch was released which introduced these fixes to the game:

  • Fixed MrMaison being translated to SrCasa in Portuguese
  • Fixed: Simulation slows down/stuttering with more taxiways
  • Fixed: Planes take off vertically in some cases
  • Stopped a random number from being shown in edge cases in airport panel
  • Small visual tweak for DLC taxiways meeting base game taxiways
  • Fixed: Soil buying/disposing buttons can get stuck if pressing one while the other one is still working
  • Soil buying/disposing is now only possible if having adequate funds
  • Fixed: Some airport assets without attractiveness value are colored in the Attractiveness Info Views filter
  • Fixed: Biofuel bus is selectable without Biofuel bus depot
  • Fixed: Biofuel bus depot is able to spawn all types of buses
  • Fixed: Biofuel bus does not respect the vehicle selection
  • Fixed: Biofuel bus selected to be sent out from Biofuel bus depot does not work
  • Fixed: In the Airport Area window on Russian part of the word is cut off
  • Fixed: Aircraft Stands are highlighted in multiple incorrect info views
  • Fixed: Airport Train Station connects to nearby road
  • Fixed: Broken pathfinding to metro station inside Ultra Modern Concourse Hub

Cities: Skylines is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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