Cities: Skylines Airports DLC Now Available; Free Update Included

Cities: Skylines Airports DLC
Cities: Skylines Airports DLC Steam

The Airports expansion for Cities: Skylines is now available on all platforms. A free update is also included that brings new features for everyone to enjoy.

For those interested in getting the game’s latest expansion, it is sold for $12.99. Key features include modular airport buildings, airport progression systems, public transport to and from the airport, and connecting cargo terminals to the larger airport complex.

Improvements to the airplanes’ AI have been implemented as well. The developers have added more variation on how the airplanes choose a path. Moreover, the bug that has caused airplanes to circle endlessly above your airport has been resolved.

Trains and passenger ships also bring in more passengers than before. Furthermore, they’ll be coming in and out of the city less frequently. These changes can help reduce unnecessary traffic.

New Features

There is a free update, and one notable feature it brings is the ability to replace trees on roads and pedestrian paths.

To do this, you simply have to go to the Landscaping menu, search for the tree that you want to use, and select it. Then, click on a tree-lined network that’s already established in your city to apply the new tree.

Aside from that, you now have the option to buy or sell soil. This new feature makes landscaping and developing airport areas so much easier than before. It is worth noting that you can still store soil as you would before this patch.

Expansion Highlights

  • Airport Area Tool
  • Airport Area levels
  • 3 Aircraft Stands
    • Small Aircraft Stand
    • Medium Aircraft Stand
    • Large Aircraft Stand
  • Unique Buildings
    • Aviation Museum
    • Airline Headquarters
  • City Airline
    • Manage ticket prices
    • Choose from 6 Airline designs
    • Customize airline names
  • New Cargo Airport buildings and networks
    • Cargo Terminal
    • Cargo Roads
    • Cargo Train Station
    • Cargo Aircraft Stand
  • New Runways and Taxiways
  • New Airport Decorations
    • Hangars
    • Parked Planes
    • Fuel Stations
    • Budget Airport Hotel
    • Luxury Airport Hotel
    • Airline Lounge
    • Airport Fence
  • New Airplane Vehicles and Types
    • 2 Large Aircraft
    • 3 Medium Aircraft
    • 3 Small Aircraft
    • 2 Cargo Aircraft
  • New Public Transport Buildings
    • Airport Bus Station
    • Elevated Airport Metro Station
    • Airport Train Station
  • New Public Transport Vehicles
    • Airport Articulated Bus
    • Airport Double Decker Bus
    • Airport Metro Vehicle
    • Airport Train Vehicle
  • 3 New maps
    • Asanu Beach
    • Hanami Bay
    • Noyou Port

Free Update Changelog

  • 14 new trees by MrMaison
  • Tree replacement tool on roads and paths with decorations
  • City service vehicle selection available from building panel
  • Landscaping: Increased soil storage size, soil can now be bought and disposed of for money
  • Fixed bug that caused planes to get stuck flying in circles indefinitely
  • Improved plane spawning logic to better match the number of planes created to plane passenger numbers, this fix applies also to trains and ships in similar instances
  • Fixed: Citizen editor does not save citizen LODs

Cities: Skylines Airports expansion is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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