Chimeraland Closed Beta Test Starts May 12

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The Closed Beta Test for Chimeraland is all set to start from May 12 until May 17. Right now, sign-ups are being accepted on PC and Android players in Canada.

Chimeraland is an innovative open-world game that takes inspiration from Eastern mythology. The game features a sprawling map along with a colorful array of ancient beasts. It offers a high degree of customization where players can create the character and world that they want.

As players travel through the land, they encounter fascinating beasts which can be captured and then tamed to evolve new “Chimeras.” Each Chimera has unique characteristics, shapes, and abilities. The beasts can be designed through the unique “evolution and devouring” system, which should provide players with limitless combinations of creatures.

Key features of the game include:

  • Expansive Open World
    • Players can roam wild in the 1,000-square-kilometer world
  • ​Transform a Mystical Wilderness
    • Build a dream world anywhere, be it land, sky, or sea.
  • ​One-of-A-Kind Beasts
    • Any beast can become a player’s pet.
    • The unique system of “devouring” or “evolving” allows players to give their pets characteristics, shapes, and abilities.
  • Versatile Weapons for Better Combat
    • Be able to charge into battle with a wide range of weapons that can be switched at will.

Fantastic Beasts

Some of the beasts that players can encounter are:

  • Drune
    • This big fish lives in the far north of the deep sea.
    • It's thousands of miles long and swims 3,000 miles.
    • It can be changed into a big bird called peng.
  • Sparrodact
    • A legendary bird that resembles a chicken but has a white head, rat feet, and tiger claws.
  • ​Ninetail Fox
    • The mythical beast that lives in the Greenhill.
    • Good at metamorphosis and can take human and other animal forms.
  • Bone Dragon
    • It has a head like a dragon, bat-like wings, and a long and powerful tail.
  • Nian
    • This divine beast lives on the Kunlun hill.
    • The body and claws are like a tiger, a face like that of a human, and nine tails.
  • Avian Wyrm
    • A flying snake with four wings.

System Requirements

For those interested to join the CBT, below are the minimum system requirements:

  • PC
    • OS: Windows 10 (or a version of Windows with DirectX 11 or higher) 64-bit
    • CPU: Intel Core i3-10300 64-bit
    • RAM: 8 GB and above
    • Graphics Card: GTX 750
  • Android
    • OS: Android 6.0 and above
    • CPU: Snapdragon 450 and above
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Storage: 6 GB

Sign up for the closed beta test here. Chimeraland is launching on PC, Android, and iOS in North America sometime this year.

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