Chernobylite Now Available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Rejoice console players!
Rejoice console players! The Farm 51

Good news console players! Chernobylite is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It can be purchased digitally from the respective console storefronts for $29.99.

The release to consoles is just the beginning. That’s because more content will be released in the next 14 months. There are going to be six DLCs coming and each one will introduce new missions, monsters, weapons, and game modes.

This sci-fi survival horror RPG is set in the wasteland of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone. Players take on the role of one Igor, a physicist and former employee of the Chernobyl Power Plant. He returns to Pripyat to learn more about the mysterious disappearance of his fiancee some 30 years prior.

Features of the game include:

  • Non-Linear Storytelling and Strategy
    • With the choices and story in the hands of the players, each playthrough is unique.
  • Players can choose between:
    • Trusting their comrades or not
    • Using resources for research or survival
    • Face conflicts head-on or avoid them
  • ​Stealth, Survival, and Combat
    • Survival isn’t that easy since each day brings new challenges.
    • Choose between engaging in open-armed combat or avoid detection and use stealth takedowns.
    • Remember that danger lurks around every corner.
  • Base Building and Crafting
    • Players can construct a base where they can plan their daily operations and excursions.
    • Use workstations to create gadgets, traps, and weapons.
    • Workstations can also modify existing equipment.
  • Resource and Team Management
    • The key to survival is having companions.
    • Each day needs careful planning to know what tasks to assign to comrades and how to use resources.

In a statement, All in! Games CEO Piotr Żygadło said that Chernobylite has since become one of the most popular indie games of the year, and it’s been an honor to launch it on PC and now on consoles. He added that the work doesn’t stop there since they are committed to supporting the game. He went on to say that the game is going to be available soon on next-gen consoles.

Meanwhile, The Farm 51 Director of Development Wojciech Pazdur shared that they were happy to collaborate with All in! Games for the PC and console versions. He also revealed that everyone can look forward to more DLCs, particularly for Halloween and Christmas.

Are you ready to see if you can survive the horror?

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