Check Out The Changes Coming To Hearthstone’s Progression And Rewards System

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See what changes are coming.
See what changes are coming. Blizzard

Hearthstone announced last week that a new expansion set is coming next month. However, days before the new content arrives, an update is going to be released which is set to make some big changes. In particular, the update is going to revamp the progression and rewards system.

The revamp is going to consist of four major parts, which are:

  • Adding an Achievements System that tracks a player’s in-game accomplishments.
  • A central Reward Track for all earnable rewards outside of Ranked play.
  • A Quest Revamp that supports daily and weekly quests.
  • An updated Profile Page with player info, ranks, and stats.

Achievement System

Let’s start with the Achievements System. This new feature is going to track a diverse set of stats, along with in-game accomplishments. In a post, the Hearthstone team revealed that there are going to be “achievements related to each class, your collection, ranked milestones, adventure content, Tavern Brawls, new modes such as Duels and Battlegrounds, and gameplay achievements that are tracked from match to match.”

Players will also be able to see how many cards they have from each of the expansion sets, all in one place.

Reward Track

Essentially, this feature offers a map of rewards that can be earned during an expansion. This means that each time a new expansion is launched, all players get a Reward Track for the specific expansion. Completing all 50 levels lets players choose from one of 10 all-new Hero Skins.

The Reward Track is going to offer a free track for all players with a paid track being unlocked by buying the Tavern Pass. Purchasing the Tavern Pass at any point during the expansion immediately gives players:

  • The Golden Silas Darkmoon Legendary card
  • A 10% XP Boost that lasts for the duration of the expansion
  • All items up to your current level on the paid track

Quest Revamp

The upcoming update is set to also revamp the Quest system. Quests are now going to award XP on the Reward Track. There’s also going to be Weekly Quests, three of which are handed out at the start of each week. Take note that this is going to be more difficult that the typical Daily Quest. However, like Daily Quests, players can reroll one Weekly Quest per day.

Profile Page

The in-game profile has been reworked as well. According to the Hearthstone Team, this is going to be a space that’s intended “to expand on in the future as new content, features, and game modes come to Hearthstone.”

This new page is going to show lifetime stats for a player’s account. These stats include:

  • Current rank in both constructed Standard and Wild
  • Current Battlegrounds Rating
  • Current Duels Rating
  • Total number of wins in Arena
  • Class levels and number of wins per class
  • Next card reward for classes under Level 60
  • Progress towards Golden Portrait for classes at Level 60

You can learn more about the new changes here.

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