Celebrate 20 Years of PlanetSide 2 with a Legacy Directive in Fortification Update

Fortification Update Rogue Planet Games

The PlanetSide franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with the release of the Fortification update. To commemorate this momentous occasion, developer Rogue Planet Games hosts a limited-time event in PlanetSide 2 where completing directives rewards you with a familiar weapon from the classic game.

New Legacy Directive

Directives in PlanetSide 2 are objectives that give rewards upon completion. That said, the 20-year Legacy Event Directive in the Fortification update tasks you with a series of directives that celebrate the diverse sandbox of playstyles this game offers.

Take the "Hold the Line" directive, for example. Here, your mission is to capture and defend the control consoles and kill all enemies around them during a continent Meltdown alert. You'll be rewarded with a special ribbon once completed.

Here's a rundown of other directives in the 20-year Legacy Event Directive:

  • Helping Hand: Heal teammates or repair their structures, deployables, and vehicles to earn this ribbon.
  • Hot Drop: Earn this ribbon by deploying friendly troops to the battlefield where they earn kills!
  • Module Mastery: Earn this ribbon by installing, overloading, or disarming construction modules.
  • Focused Assault: Earn kills during a continent Meltdown Alert.
  • Apex Predator: Earn kills using "Apex" weapons.
  • Foothold: Capture construction facilities.
  • Building Blocks: Deposit Cortium into a Silo in a contested region.
  • Armored Duel: Kill or assist in killing enemy vehicles while in a vehicle yourself.

You will get a special prize after finishing all directives mentioned above, the NS-D Helios. This is an ode to the original PlanetSide "Dragon" flamethrower. This weapon has two firing modes: the first is its usual five-round burst of fiery inferno, and the second is an alternate fire mode that can lob an explosive blast of flame at the enemy.

NS-D Helios Rogue Planet Games

The 20-year Legacy Event Directive is now live and runs until June 4.

Construction Overhaul

Now, you might be wondering why the latest patch for PlanetSide 2 is called Fortification. Well, that's because of the major changes for the base-building system. This patch improved the onboarding experience for beginners by providing one-time, construction-based tutorial missions that give all the information they need about this aspect. Completing the tutorial will reward the following:

  • Elysium Spawn Tube
  • Infantry Tree Stand
  • Light Vehicle Terminal
  • Equipment Terminal Module

For the actual base building, what has changed? The two-click process of placing a construction object has been removed, and you can now select either currency with a single click. There's now a "Favorites" section as well, letting you mark and put your favorite construction objects into their own category for easy access.

Here are the other significant changes to base building in Fortification update:

Learning Construction

  • Additional construction-based daily missions have been added to the pool for all players.
  • VR Training now has Cortium spawns and facility silos, allowing for practice with construction objects.

Placing Construction

  • Controls for placing construction objects are now visible when a construction object is held.
  • Construction placement spheres have been replaced with directional arrows showing whether they need to be above or below ground.
  • Reduced the default rotation speed of construction objects.

Interacting With Construction

  • Cortium Silos within 500 meters now appear on your map and minimap.
  • Spotlights attached to construction objects (like those at the Infantry Tower) now count as Darklights for the purposes of revealing cloaked targets.
  • Spawn locations at construction bases now show the name of the player who owns the object.

PlanetSide 2 is available on PC.

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