Ceb, Sumail On Playing Dota 2 Together With OG

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The Kind of mid has been benched by Evil Geniuses.
The Kind of mid has been benched by Evil Geniuses. Valve

Evil Geniuses, a top tier Dota 2 pro team, has made some recent changes to its roster. And, boy, it is not just a typical roster shuffle. The esports organization did not only say goodbye to legendary player S4, they are also benching SumaiL.

Yes, that is right – EG’s go-to mid-player is being put under contract and expected to undergo transfer talks. No matter how the organization puts it, SumaiL will soon leave the team and find a new one.

Reflecting on his career on Evil Geniuses, the Pakistani professional Dota 2 player posted a tweet to offer his gratitude. But if there is one thing he is definitely sure of, he will not be taking a break or even retiring from the game.

The tweet, as of this writing, has gained 2.6k retweets and 14.2k likes. A handful of iconic figures in the Dota 2 community have butted in, including OG’s very own playing coach Ceb.

Ceb replies, “OG.SumaiL??.” Now, if you are a huge fan of SumaiL, you would not want to miss the opportunity of seeing him play with the back-to-back champions of The International. The narrative does not stop there as Sumail replied, “I’ve always wanted to play on an EU team.”

Of course, it is a no-brainer – these guys are just playing around. Why would OG want SumaiL, anyway? They already have the perfect team, and they have proven themselves to be the best Dota 2 pro team two years in a row. Still, it would not hurt to imagine having SumaiL in OG. The question is: “Which position will he fill?”

Obviously, Topson is OG’s go-to mid laner. And while SumaiL is somehow a better and more experienced player, Topson’s level of playing fits right into OG’s structure. The only possible scenario is having SumaiL take position 3, which is currently being held by Ceb. And if he does, Ceb might just go back to being the team’s coach.

Again, this is just pure speculation. It is just hard to believe that OG would shuffle its roster when they have everything working. As for SumaiL, it is interesting to see where his career goes from here. He might end up playing with his brother YawaR, who is currently signed with Newbee. SumaiL has been vocal about the idea of playing professional Dota 2 together with his brother.

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