Why Dota 2 Servers Have Been Crashing Lately

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The never-ending abuse of command scripts have resulted in Dota 2 servers crashing.
The never-ending abuse of command scripts have resulted in Dota 2 servers crashing. Valve

Believe it or not, Dota 2 is facing a sea of hacking issues right now, ranging from simply annoying to extremely game-breaking. Even the recent update called Summer Scrub did not fix much. A good number of bugs are still present, affecting the overall quality of the game.

As it turns out, hackers have been sending thousands of commands to overload the game’s server. Although it remains a mystery as to how exactly the hack works, you can see clearly the effect it brings to the table. For starters, the abusers either buy an item with no cooldown like Shadow Amulet or pick a hero with a toggleable and/or no cooldown spell such as Medusa or Invoker. From there, they activate a script, causing the client to forward thousands of commands to the server all at once.

An employee for Dota 2 statistics site called Stratz saw the unusually high amounts of item requests being sent to the game’s server. In one particular game, the abuser reportedly sent at least 700,000 item requests (although the usual number in a game is only 50).

In a Reddit post, Stratz revealed how the abuse works.

“We found on Thursday a player scripting in-game that caused about 700,000 items events in one game (avg is around 50 per game)," the Stratz employee wrote in the post. "Later, on Friday we found 3 people using this script. Now as of Monday morning over 50 people doing this to players.”

Check out the video below to see the command script abuse in action:

When the script is activated on the Shadow Amulet, a deafening sound can be heard. This is actually quite alarming since a single, sudden loud sound is already enough to cause trauma or hearing damage to players.

Other Reddit users have also found a way to exploit the script. For instance, the script can also be used to cause multiple players to disconnect from a match. You can check it here:

If a large number of Dota 2 players disconnect, the game coordinator will automatically treat the match to be a server problem. As such, the result is invalidated for all players involved. If you are in a ranked match, the exploit can be used to protect the hacker from losing his MMR even if there is a guaranteed loss.

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