CD Projekt RED Officially Opens Its Own Merch Store

Sadly, no archgriffin head to sling around on your very own Roach.
CD Projekt RED has officially opened their own merchandise store.
CD Projekt RED has officially opened their own merchandise store. CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED has given its fans another reason to spend their money – and no, still not Cyberpunk 2077. Although the long-awaited RPG will probably end up at E3, if the rumors are to be believed.

What I’m talking about is the developer's merch store, which formally opened yesterday. It has merchandise for the three main CD Projekt RED titles: The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, and of course Gwent. The store has an incredible amount of variety, and I felt my wallet getting much lighter just by looking at it.

Cyberpunk 2077s offerings include t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, lanyards, and snapback caps. They either have the generic Cyberpunk 2077 logo emblazoned boldly on the front, or they show off something from two of the factions in the upcoming CD Projekt RED title: SAMURAI and Trauma Team International. I especially like the Trauma Team shirts, which show off their iconic headgear from the released trailers: the ultra-light Biotec Σ ERT-37 Armored Multipurpose Combat Respirator.

The Gwent offerings include t-shirts of various designs, faction pin sets, drawstring bags, logo bags, and lanyards as well. The star of the show though, is the Shupe the Troll Babbling Plushie, an amazingly cute (and huggable) rendering of the lovable rock troll from Gwent. You can also press him and he’ll say his most iconic lines from the game. How adorable is that?

But of course, the best offerings are from The Witcher. The store has bracelets from the Wolf School, a writing set emblazoned with runes, t-shirts of various designs, socks, wooden phone cases, posters, hoodies, bags, a replica of Vesemir’s superior swallow mug, and the crème of the crop: a figure of Geralt as a ronin, which is quite amazing in its design. Oddly enough, his appearance here reminds me of William from Nioh. I wonder if that’s what they were going for. In any case, Geralt in the figure wields two katanas instead of his usual silver and steel sword combo (finally, the scabbard is by his hip). There’s also a very weird-looking owl by his back, and I have to wonder if Yennefer is involved somehow.

You can check out the merchandise in CD Projekt RED's brand-new store here. Sadly, it’s only available as of now to European Union countries, although items will be made available to the US and Canada soon. Here’s hoping they will ship to Asia as well – I want one of those Cyberpunk 2077 jackets, to be honest.

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