Catherine: Full Body New Gameplay Footage Debuts

Featuring major changes in the first chapter of the game.
New gameplay footage for Catherine: Full Body debuts.
New gameplay footage for Catherine: Full Body debuts. Atlus

The remake of Atlus’ mature title Catherine is still some time away, with its release date for the PlayStation 4 coming on September 3. One of the newest trailers, however, was shown weeks ago, which featured extensive changes coming to the title that changes the story in ways you can’t even being to imagine.

Catherine: Full Body takes the original and puts it through the full Atlus treatment of ‘take an existing title and expand on it as a new game’ remastering; it includes several new aspects, which will surely make this playthrough different than its last outing. Just last week, IGN managed to snag some exclusive gameplay footage for Catherine: Full Body, which showcases some of the changes made to Vincent’s original nightmarish outing. Check them both out below.

The 10-minute gameplay footage showcases Vincent’s first night out after the very first nightmare. If you’ve played Catherine before, then you’ll know that the story is largely set in the Stray Sheep, a bar which also serves as a save area for the game, as well as the turning point for some of the decisions you will have to make as Vincent. There are some notable key changes, though, including the introduction of Rin, an entirely new character that also piques Vincent’s interest, in addition to the two existing female love interests: Vincent’s girlfriend Katherine, and the young and mysterious Catherine. The footage makes it evident that this is not the first meeting between Rin and Vincent, as both spoke about Rin’s new job at the Stray Sheep. She is characterized as an amnesiac by the waitress Erika, who also makes an appearance in an entirely new scene.

Katherine and Vincent’s message exchange has also been changed, with Katherine showing a past photo of herself which leads to new reply options.

The other gameplay footage just shows the overhauled nightmare puzzles, which show some altered gameplay. The core mechanic seems to be largely unchanged, though, although according to Atlus you can now just sit back and enjoy the story if you wish; the addition of a ‘Safety Mode’ allows you to skip puzzles and just go to the story parts of the title.

Catherine: Full Body is set for release in the West on September 3, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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