Atlus Releases Death By Nightmare Trailer For Catherine: Full Body

Now with more puzzles and nightmares.
Featuring a new character, Rin.
Featuring a new character, Rin. Atlus

Atlus has recently been on a roll with their releases, and now they’re looking to follow it up with another one of their more mature titles.

A new trailer, titled ‘Death by Nightmare,’ was recently release by Atlus for their latest remaster, Catherine: Full Body. Pre-orders are available now and you can view the trailer below, which highlights the surreal weirdness of this game.

Catherine: Full Body is a full remaster. However, much like what Persona 5 Royal is to Persona 5, it’s also somewhat of an extended cut of the game. Catherine: Full Body is set to have improved visuals, gameplay, brand-new music, a new and enhanced multiplayer, and so much more. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Atlus re-release without the addition of another character – this time in the form of Rin, a mysterious amnesiac. The Death by Nightmare trailer features Rin, but it does not reveal much about her, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. What we do know is that Rin comes with new cutscenes and animated cinematics, all of which dig deeper into the complicated life of Vincent, the main protagonist.

Catherine: Full Body also comes with the new ‘Arrange Mode’, which adds new complex puzzles in the form of linked blocks. These will be added to the existing levels, allowing you to replay them with the requirements of new techniques and strategies. With the addition of a ton of new stages for Stray Sheep’s ‘Rapunzel’ mini-game, Catherine: Full Body now has over 500 puzzles, which is twice as many as the original game. Of course, you can always opt out of these, as Atlus has now added a ‘Safety Mode’. This mode gives players the option to activate auto-play for a particular puzzle at any point. This gives players who are in it for the story a chance to enjoy the tragic tale of Vincent.

There will be two editions of the game available, both only on the PlayStation 4. The Launch Edition comes with the game and a limited-edition metal case that contains the three females in Vincent’s life: Katherine, Catherine, and now, Rin. The Heart’s Desire Premium Edition comes with all the content of the Launch Edition, with some few extra goodies: a hardcover art book, which has artwork and concept arts from the game, a soundtrack CD featuring the game’s tracks, a very cute 5” sheep plush toy wearing pink polka-dotted undergarments, and a collector’s box to keep it all in.

Catherine: Full Body is now available for pre-orders through various retailers. It is set to be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 this September 3.

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