Capcom Removes Denuvo DRM From Resident Evil 2 Remake


It is understandable why many gamers stay away from products shackled with anti-tamper protection software like the infamous Denuvo DRM. A popular game that was running this anti-tamper tech was Resident Evil 2 remake on PC. If you didn't get the RE2 remake because of the DRM, we have good news for you.

As per the report by DSO Gaming, the Japanese team behind Resident Evil 2 reboot decided to ditch Denuvo DRM, which has become quite controversial lately. Since the game was cracked pretty quickly, it is understandable why Capcom went with the decision to remove the DRM and offer a better gaming experience for the players that actually bought the game.

It has been reported by many players that the anti-tamper tech offers up a lot of inconvenience in its efforts to protect the game from being tampered with. One of the biggest inconveniences includes slower framerates, especially on low-end PCs.

It has also been observed that games running with DRM are known to hog up a lot of system resources. Popular games like Assassin's Creed Origins and Batman Arkham Knight were noticed to dominate the CPU usage to up to 100% on four core CPUs. There have been many allegations stating that Denuvo DRM was responsible for slower loading times and decreased frame rates in many games. However, there hasn't been any solid proof that points out if the allegations are actually true.

Now that the DRM has been removed from the game, you may consider giving this masterful game a shot. Moreover, you can grab Resident Evil 2 for a sweet discount from Steam's Winter Sale right now.

Talking about Resident Evil 2 remake, the game was critically acclaimed for stunning graphics and spine-chilling horror experiences. Capcom has already announced the party is going to keep on rolling with Resident Evil 3, which is also getting a remake that releases on April 3.

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