Capcom Head and Tekken Boss Share Insights On PS5

Both were impressed by what they have seen so far, especially with the implications for upcoming titles.
Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially announced PlayStation Productions, its visual media arm for producing film and TV series.
Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially announced PlayStation Productions, its visual media arm for producing film and TV series. Sony

If all of the information regarding the PlayStation 5 is not marketing fluff, then we can look at the upcoming console as a milestone in hardware development. For the first time since consoles were developed, we will see the shortest power gap between a game system and a mid-ranged PC, a feat that is no laughing matter. Of course, we do have to take certain considerations like pricing and what-not into account, but with all the news about the PS5 that’s coming out, we can expect the next generation to be very exciting, at least.

These are all sentiments shared by Capcom’s top industry people. Speaking in an interview with Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu, Capcom Head of Consumer Games Development Division 1, Jun Takeuchi, and Bandai Namco’s Tekken Director and Producer, Katsuhiro Harada, shared their enthusiasm with the upcoming console, most notably their expectations with Sony’s offering moving forward. (The full interview was translated by Twinfinite and can be found in its entirety here.)

Jun Takeuchi segment

During the first part of the interview, Capcom Head Takeuchi says that he feels that Sony as a whole is serious about improving the overall user experience with the PS5. This is, of course, going by all the information provided by Sony thus far. Just recently, a video of the difference between loading times of the PS4 Pro and the PS5 emerged, showing a very noticeable difference, with the PS5 loading games in a fraction of the time that a PS4 Pro did.

Since he was involved in action titles like the Devil May Cry series, Takeuchi was also asked if he feels that the new console can improve the action genre as a whole. He answered by saying that the potential for it is great, considering improvements in processing and the aforementioned storage speed will be overall helpful to action games being enjoyable.

He also added that he believes the PS5 will contribute to an environment where Capcom’s technological prowess shines through. The company has recently made statements regarding their use of the RE Engine, and how they are depending on it to power several of their next big titles. Takeuchi says that he wants to try and replicate the VR implemented in Resident Evil 7 into something much more technologically advanced, which is where the PS5 comes in.

Katsuhiro Harada segment

The second part of the interview focused on Bandai Namco director Harada, and it’s more technical due to his background in developing previous titles for previous generations. The PS5’s bandwidth, for example, was mentioned as being wider than a PC, leading him to state that the console will likely have a custom-made SSD.

He also shared his experiences in developing titles for the System 12 arcade board developed with SIE for Bandai Namco’s Tekken 3, noting that the loading screen for it after the VS display was only present for 0.3 to 0.5 seconds. He’s excited to see how these new SSDs can live up to the task, especially as data-streaming can sometimes be outright faster than something that would come straight from the processor.

While many PS4 fans are already excited about the ray-tracing feature and its usage in real-time gameplay, Harada is more excited about the implications coming from a game developer’s point of view, and how efficient it can be to use ray-tracing outright on the development kit.

You can read the entirety of the translated interview here, in which both industry heads note what kind of games they’re looking forward to play on Sony’s upcoming console.

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