Candy Crush Saga All Stars US Tournament Launching This Thursday

Now this is a surprise.
Now this is a surprise. Twitter/Candy Crush Saga

There was a time when Candy Crush Saga was all the rage on mobile phones. Eventually, that died down with new games entering the picture. However, it seems like developer King hasn’t thrown in the towel, especially in the US market. There’s a new tournament called Candy Crush All Stars U.S., which kicks off on September 23.

To join the tournament, players need to be at least Level 25 in the game. The Qualifier Rounds starts September 23 and runs all the way to October 7. For those who won’t be able to make it, not to worry. Two Wild Card Rounds serve as the last chance to qualify.

Those who qualify will go through the Quarter Finals, Semi-Final, and then the Final, which is scheduled in November. The champion becomes the first Candy Crush All Star and takes home a one year supply of gold bars.

By the way, have we mentioned that the tournament is hosted by Khloé Kardashian? She’ll not only be showcasing her competitive side but also hyping up all the players. She will also invite some of her celebrity friends to join, so watch out for that.

In a statement, Khloé revealed that considering she’s a fan of the game and loves competition, hosting the tournament is sure fun. She added that a lot of people think she’s the most competitive among the Kardashians and the same can be said for Candy Crush.

Khloé went on to say that the tournament gives her the best chance to take her “crushing skills” up a notch. She ended by saying that she wishes good luck to everyone and is excited to see who gets crowned as the first champion.

Talking about the upcoming tournament, Candy Crush Saga Head Todd Green shared that the game has remained popular on the mobile platform and has in fact seen more than 3 billion downloads. He said that many players in the US claim they’re the best and this is the perfect opportunity to show off their skills.

Candy Crush started as a browser game and was later launched as Candy Crush Saga for the mobile platform in 2012. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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