Wreckfest Update 1.279242: New Tournament and Bug Fixes

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Wreckfest recently received an update that added new content and fixed some known issues. This update brings a new tournament called Folk Frenzy and it comes with a new reward bundle.

The developers made some massive improvements to multiplayer and these changes should make online gaming more stable. Players should notice the better performance when using the client after new optimizations. Additionally, a new message will appear for the players who got kicked out of the server for idling. This will help them identify why they got kicked, as internet issues can also be the reason behind it.

Wreckfest Update 1.279242

  • New Firwood Motocenter routes: Rally Circuit and Rally Circuit Reverse.
  • Zombies and related effects were removed.
  • Bright specs no longer appear on surfaces with decals.
  • Missing textures are no longer displayed on the Bleak City demolition derby arena.
  • Game data verification is faster.
  • Game input is now disabled and the game is paused when the Steam overlay is opened.
  • Changing the MSAA setting no longer requires restarting the game.
  • When using manual gears, 1st gear is now automatically engaged after resetting.
  • Minimap is now displayed correctly during tournament events.
  • On large levels, player tags are now displayed from a further distance.
  • Bogus wheel damage notification is no longer occasionally displayed at event start.
  • Trooper vehicle name is now displayed correctly in the purchase prompt.
  • Speedie driver model is now displayed correctly at all LOD levels.
  • Killerbee's stock rear spoiler now gets dirty.
  • Wardigger can now endure more damage.
  • Server no longer leaks memory.
  • In-game hosting with the client works again.
  • The ping shown in-game now matches the real ping more closely.
  • Client SteamID is shown when the client is connected and disconnected.
  • Server message is now displayed correctly.
  • Setting the server password now works properly.
  • Tristar: Fixed rpm redline issue that could cause sound to stutter if the car is tuned to use the shortest gear ratio.
  • In-Game: Fixed issue with Carmageddon start countdown where pausing game during countdown would reset the audio count.

Wreckfest is a racing game where vehicle destruction is possible. Players can win the race by reaching the finish line or by eliminating their opponents. This game can be difficult since enemies can demolish your car. You can read more about the update here.

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