Canceled Doom 4 Footage Leaked Online; Feels Like Call Of Duty With Demons

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Doom is one of the few older franchises that made a great return in recent years. Normally, whenever an old franchise gets a new game, more often than not, it falls flat on its face (looks at Duke Nukem: Forever).

The gaming industry was saturated with cover shooters for quite some time. Then, came out Doom (2016) where you are the one hunting demons, not the other way around. Doom: Eternal just expanded that formula and put the Doom brand name back to the mainstream. Yet it all could have gone horribly wrong.

It’s no secret that Doom (2016) was in development for a very long time. It was even canceled twice with development restarting completely. The footage of the canceled Doom 4 has made its way to the internet. The video shows off enemy design, glory kill animation, environment, and more. You can watch the footage above.

I am glad the Doom 4 was canceled. The game doesn’t seem bad but it doesn’t seem good either. It feels more like Call of Duty with demons than Doom. You can also see that some aspect of the canceled game made their way to the 2016 version. The chainsaw glory kills, imp animation, and others. What interested me was the final scene of the video, with a flying demon looking pretty cool. Wouldn’t mind if it returned in The Ancient Gods Part 2.

Doom (2016) and Doom: Eternal perfectly blended modern-day elements with old-school Doom gameplay. But I wouldn’t mind seeing a spin-off. The canceled Doom 4 can be revived and tell a story of how Arc tried to defend earth from the demon invasion. ID Software did confirm that they want to create a Doom Universe.

Unfortunately, it seems highly unlikely. There is no way ID Software will use development time and resources for some spin-off. They still have to develop the second single-player expansion pack and provide more content to Battle Mode . After that their next plans are probably for Doom 3 or Doom: Eternal 2. But who knows, with Microsoft resources and backing, a spin-off doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

So, what do you think? Do you want a Doom Spin-off game? Or would you prefer a proper sequel instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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