Call Of Duty: WWII Pre-Order Bonus Confirms CoD Points For Supply Drops

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Call Of Duty WWII CoD Points
Call Of Duty: WWII will feature CoD Points according to the latest digital pre-order bonus. CoD Points are used to purchase Rare Supply Drops. Call Of Duty: WWII comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC Nov. 3. Sledgehammer Games/Activision

Call Of Duty: WWII pre-orders from digital stores come with 1,100 free CoD Points, says Activision in an official tweet from Sept. 13. This incentive is the first time we’ve learned the known Supply Drop currency will be featured in the game.

The tweet itself reads, “Pre-order or purchase any Call Of Duty: WWII Digital Edition and get 1,100 free Call Of Duty Points in #CODWWII.” This bonus applies to the Digital Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions, and it will be delivered once the currency becomes available in-game.

For those totally out of the Call Of Duty loop, CoD Points truly came into their own during the tenure of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 despite the name being used since 2010. As we know them today, they’re the main microtransaction currency through which Rare Supply Drops can be purchased. A single Drop costs 200 CP for a value of $2. With the allotted 1,100 CP bonus, you should be able to purchase at least five rare drops at the value of about $10.

Activision and Sledgehammer Games have been especially coy about the subject of microtransactions and Supply Drops in Call Of Duty: WWII, so it’s no surprise that confirmation of microtransactions is buried in a single tweet that also happens to advertise a pre-order perk.

As far as Supply Drops are concerned, the official statement remains that these purchasable bonuses will be cosmetic-only during WWII’s launch period. However, it’s not yet known if or when more specialized weaponry will be sold in Supply Drops in the game's later months. One new feature for Drops are its ties to WWII’s Headquarters social hub. Those who watch their friends open Rare Supply Drops will get a gift in return.

Following the disappointing launch of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare last year, we expect Activision to be slightly more careful when it comes to 2017’s microtransaction scheme. Beyond the disdain for Infinite Warfare’s far-future setting, players also labeled its economy as pay-to-win because some of the game’s best guns were locked away in Rare Supply Drops. Call Of Duty: WWII will offer the same crates, but will they be utilized in the same manner?

Now that Call Of Duty: WWII’s Private Beta has come and gone on consoles, the game’s pre-order incentives have decreased substantially. While there’s still a chance to nab collector’s edition statues and hats from various retailers, the list of in-game perks has greatly reduced. Aside from CoD points, we also know that some digital pre-orders offer special weapon skins for the co-op Nazi Zombies mode.

Call Of Duty: WWII comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC Nov. 3. It’s worth reiterating that this CoD Points bonus only applies to digital pre-orders or purchases.

Are you surprised to see CoD Points in Call Of Duty: WWII? Will Activision get greedy with this game’s Supply Drop system? Tell us in the comments section!

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