Call of Duty Warzone: Players Demanding for Crossplay Changes Amid Rampant Cheating in Consoles

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone Activision

With the rampant cheating that is happening in Call of Duty: Warzone, some players are clamoring for a console-only crossplay feature until the issue gets resolved.

It was not long ago that a new aimbot hack came to light. Though the game was plagued by numerous hacks since its inception, it was only until recently that this issue got out of hand. So much that some players went to Reddit to voice their frustration.

Console-only Crossplay

The crossplay feature has been around for quite some time now and it gives players the ability to party up with others regardless of platform. While PlayStation users can opt-out of crossplay matches, Xbox users do not have the same luxury.

It is also not an entirely new issue that hackers are present in the game, especially in the PC version. But apparently, a new aimbot hack reported to also affect console players, was widely advertised. And so, many players were able to get a hold of it.

Despite Activision and Raven Software’s efforts to track and take it down, both entities were not quick enough to contain the problem. Because of this, players went to Reddit to express their frustrations and provide suitable suggestions.

Redditor @Sec0nd said that in order to save the game’s console community, developers should implement a console-only crossplay until most of the hackers have been dealt with. According to the Redditor, the game is unplayable at the moment because of rampant cheating.

The Redditor also explained that while it is understandable that getting solid anti-cheat protection is hard, implementing their suggestion might be a good temporary solution until a permanent resolution becomes available.

A lot of people seem to think that it is a good idea, with some users saying that it is just ok to implement such a thing, considering that PC players already have plenty of advantages over console players.

While many are in support of the notion suggested by @Sec0nd, @xxILL_ADVISEDxx does not think that it will be good for the community as a whole.

They’ve said that if the feature gets implemented, the PC community would die. They further explained that the only thing that’s saving PC players right now is for console players to fill their games so that hackers can’t get in.

This is a pretty complex issue. On one hand, the developers want players to enjoy the game. But on the other hand, hackers are just ruining the fun for everyone.

Are you in support of @Sec0nd’s suggestion? If not, what do you think the developers should do to fix the issue?

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