Call of Duty Warzone: June 30 Patch Rolled Back Due to "Ongoing Issues"

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4
Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 Raven Software

A recent patch update was rolled back, and no explanation was given other than “ongoing issues.”

Call of Duty: Warzone June 30 patch was supposed to nerf some popular weapons, including the FARA 83 and C58 assault rifles, as well as the Nail Gun. However, developer Raven Software tweeted that it had to revert the changes, though the reason was not disclosed.

You can still enjoy Call of Duty: Warzone, albeit you play on the patch before the weapon changes.

FARA 83 Nerf is Not Felt

The June 30 update had increased the recoil of the FARA 83 assault rifle by a little bit, but some players have noticed that the weapon feels the same.

Redditor @singhthering posted a video showcasing how the nerf to the assault rifle did absolutely nothing. If you watch the clip, you will notice that some recoil is evident when firing the AR continuously, though it is not as pronounced as the patch notes claim it to be. This could mean that the weapon is likely as effective as it was before the supposed nerf.

User @ Joecalone replied to the post and said that the notion of long-range assault rifles should be gone for good. They proposed that the recoil of the said weapon class should be increased considerably across the board. Assault rifles should only be potent in medium-range combat and not compete with other weapons in terms of long-range effectiveness.

While most people agree with Joecalone, Redditor @ LordChazzle disagrees with the sentiment. They countered that nerfing mid-range weapons like assault rifles would most likely result in a sniper meta. They also said that the idea of long-range assault rifles is good for the game.

No Reason Why

The developers have still not provided an update yet regarding the patch rollback at the time of writing. Players had nine hours before all of the changes were reverted, which means that some of them may have noticed that the FARA 83 feels unchanged.

Whether the changes were not fully implemented or due to another reason, we will never know why a rollback was called until developers say something.

What do you think is the real reason for the rollback?

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