Call of Duty Warzone: Console Players May Not Be Safe from Hacks Anymore

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4
Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 Raven Software

A Twitter account has disclosed information that a new hack for Call of Duty: Warzone can be used on both PC and consoles.

Many people opt to play the console ports of competitive games because they want to avoid cheaters and hackers. In a game like Call of Duty: Warzone, this is quite true.

However, it seems hackers have found a way to penetrate even the game's console version, which could affect the Warzone community and possibly many others.

New Hack

The Anti-Cheat Police Department Twitter account was made to disrupt cheating groups by letting people know about hacks and cheats. This account was created by GamerDoc, an anti-cheat analyst.

GamerDoc recently tweeted a new video that showcases what appears to be some hacking tool. In the tweet, the next-gen cheating tool is gaining popularity in consoles. This could mean that consoles - a haven for gamers - may no longer be a safe space for legit titles.

The anti-cheat analyst explained in a follow-up tweet how the hack works. Apparently, it uses machine learning to send the necessary inputs to the controller whenever it sees a valid target.

It is like a better aim-assist where players just have to aim in the general direction of the target and let the tool do the rest.

In another tweet, GamerDoc said that the hack is detectable but not an easy task for developers. That is because, by its very nature, the hack itself is hard to detect. They ended their tweet by saying that it was first available on PC before it landed on consoles.

In light of this news, players are definitely worried due to the possibility of others using such programs.

Twitter user @Siddhar73438712 replied that there might be millions of cheaters now on Warzone. Another user replied that the hack is just another reason not to play Call of Duty games anymore.

User @ColorMeRicky had a more positive response to this issue. They said that Microsoft is developing a cheat detection system with machine learning. It would be interesting to see how this works in practice, but this is definitely something to hope for.

To be clear, console cheats and hacks are nothing new, yet they are certainly much less rampant on PC.

What’s concerning here is that the new hack is not only limited to Warzone as it could potentially be used in other games using controller inputs as well.

With this new hack out on the horizon, what do you think will happen to Call of Duty: Warzone? Can developers find an effective counter?

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