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Who is the better team?
Who is the better team? Activision

So you think you have the best team in Call of Duty: Warzone? Put that to the test with the Payload mode. That’s because the Squad not only needs to finish important missions but also have to strategically fight together.

In Payload, two teams face off against each other, each one having at most 20 players. One of the team starts as the Attackers and must make sure that the truck convoy reaches its final destination. The other team becomes the Defenders and needs to disable the truck convoy by whatever means necessary.

One thing to remember is that in Payload, death is not permanent. Operators that are eliminated have the option to spawn on each vehicle path. There is however a small difference when it comes to respawn. Operators from the Attacker side can re-infiltrate immediately while the Defender team has a short respawn delay.

Some Features

There are also some things that players need to keep in mind. The first is known as Build Spot where the Defender Team can build obstacles. But once the escort vehicle manages to pass over the obstacle, it becomes a contract that the Attacker Team can pick up. The spot is shown as either a dotted box with a diamond in the middle or a red toolbox.

The other area is the Satellite Part Checkpoint. This is considered as the mid-goal for the Attacker Team and if the escort vehicle is able to pass it, the Attacker Team gets additional time. It’s going to be represented by a:

  • Straight line on the progress bar
  • Circle inside a dotted circle on the mini-map
  • A set of green flares in the overworld.

A Closer Look

Taking a closer look at each team, the Attacker Team has two main objectives. The first is Contracts, which need to be completed. To give you an idea, these are similar to Recon in other modes. Once activated, players need to stay near the Recon Device for a short period of time. The second is Combat, which needs the team to eliminate the Defenders.

While the Attacker Team has a somewhat straightforward plan, the Defender Team needs to have a strategy in place. For example, since the members can respawn immediately, they have to put in obstacles and defensive buildings.

So what do you think? Are you up for the challenge?

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