Call Of Duty Warzone Now Has A Solo Mode

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You asked for it and Infinity Ward has delivered. Call of Duty Warzone now has a Solo mode. Players are able to drop in Verdansk all alone and fight 149 players in order to secure a win. Sounds tough, right? Well, it is! Warzone has been a quite a success so far, and the game has managed to surpass 15 mission players in only three days. To keep that momentum going, developers have already started fulfilling fans' demands. The new Solo mode is not much different from regular mode, other than players having to fend for themselves with no friends to offer backup.

This mode is going to be like a very massive free-for-all match, with every man for himself. Each match is going to be more difficult than usual. As you will be fighting against 149 enemies, your best chance to win is to gain as much intel as possible. A UAV, Recon Drone, or Heartbeat Monitor will come in really handy. Don’t go into every fight like a headless chicken, so make decisions according to each scenario.

Another smart Warzone solo tip is to make sure that you completely kill your enemy. There are no teammates, so every enemy you meet is also alone. If you shoot an enemy, make sure he died completely. If the person is only down (DBNO), it means that he/she could have a self-revive. So take your time and confirm the kill so that the downed enemy doesn't shoot you in the back later.

The Gulag is also not changed and will work the same way. You will have one chance for redemption if you die, so no need to rage quit. Drop locations also matter a great deal in this game, so be sure to check out our previous article about the 5 Best Locations To Drop.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Solo mode in Warzone? Or do you prefer to play with friends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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