Call of Duty: Warzone Bans 20,000 Cheaters

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While fans are enjoying the new Season of Call of Duty: Warzone, a recent report suggests that approximately 20,000 other players are missing out on the new content. These players were banned by Activision after they were detected for cheating. Among the list of banned players was also Twitch streamer Nick Wagner, who was banned for using EngineOwning. Nick was immediately banned after he secured a kill in a Warzone match. His game froze with a crash message displayed on the screen. When Nick restarted his game, he was met with a message stating that his account has been permanently banned.

Even EngineOwning, a subscription-based cheat service, stated on its website that the particular cheat has been detected. Cheaters have always been a nuisance in online multiplayer games. No matter how good of an anti-cheat system a developer implements, there will always be a new cheat that hasn't been detected yet.

EngineOwning was the same cheat tool that MrGolds was caught using back in August. As a result, the user lost his Twitch channel temporarily. In April, Activision banned a whopping 70,000 players for using cheats and the company warned in July that it will be banning more cheaters. In an effort to stop cheat providers, Activision also took legal action against CxCheats, forcing the cheat provider to end its services.

Speaking of a new Season, the sixth season of Warzone introduces the following major features:

  • A subway travel system
  • Two new operators Nikolai and Farah will be joining the roster
  • Players can unlock a new SP-R 208 Marksman sniper rifle and AS Val suppressed assault rifle
  • Self-revives are now included in the loot pool,
  • Players can have a pet bat called Edward.

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