Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Offering Double XP Before Season 1 Drops

Rank up before Season 1 starts.
Rank up before Season 1 starts. Ubisoft

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare announced that Season 1 is almost here, which adds what could be the biggest content drop in the history of Call of Duty. Once Season 1 officially arrives, there's going to be a lot of changes coming, which you can read more about here.

One of the changes coming relates to the Officer Rank, which is set to be refreshed. In order to let players complete their Officer Progression, Call of Duty is offering Double XP beginning November 27 until December 2.

So why the need for double XP? Once Season 1 starts, your current Officer Rank is going to be locked and then memorialized with all the ribbons and final Officer Rank earned. Players who manage to make it to Officer Ranks (Rank 56+) are going to have their Officer Rank refreshed. This means the start of a new journey up the Season 1 Officer Progression track, which is from Rank 56 to 155. Players should find another 100 ribbons to earn through a new set of challenges, leading up to a new and distinct animated emblem.

Anything earned in the Enlisted Ranks, as well as the Mission progress, Blueprint weapons, and Combat Record stats, are going to be carried over. For players who don't reach Officer Ranks once Season 1 starts, meaning Rank 54 or less, they can continue to progress through the remaining Enlisted Ranks, before entering the Season 1 Officer Rank Progression.

This means players only have a few more days to reach Officer Rank 155, making this double XP offer even more enticing.

How do you rank faster, then? For starters, while the Double XP event is not going to impact Missions or Challenges, players can still earn a lot of XP by completing them.

Thus, whether players want to complete Ribbon, Mission, or Daily Challenges, there's no question that XP rewards can give that needed push to help level up. Take for example the Ribbon Challenge. Players who get complete the challenge of "Get 10 Public matchmaking wins" earn 5,000 XP.

Players can also check what the Daily Challenges and active Missions are offering to see if its aligns with any of the Ribbon challenges. This means players can knock down two, or even three or more, challenges at the same time. A good example would be activating the Shock and Awe mission and completing the Call in 25 Care Packages objective. Completing this should count towards the “Care Package” ribbon challenge.

What are you waiting for? It's time to lock and load and complete the challenges before the Season 1 rank refresh.

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