Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Guide - Gun Game Mode Is Back

It's back!
It's back! Activision

It's time to practice your aim as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is bringing back Gun Game. This is one of the most exciting modes and a longtime fan favorite. There's no doubt that this Free-For-All mode is the best setting for those who want to become a weapons expert.


Gun Game mode tests players on their gunfighting proficiency. As such, all players begin the match with an identical handgun with random attachments. However, players also have no equipment, no perks, and especially no Field Upgrades. This means that there are no Proximity Mines, Smokes, or even Frags, among others. Kills are dependent on a player's ability to point and shoot with accuracy.

There is a way to progress to another weapon from the starting pistol, and that is to get a kill with it. Players who eliminate an enemy receive the next weapon that also comes with a set of random attachments. The more kills a player has, the more chances of getting to cycle through the weapons until the player reaches the final loadout.

By the way, there is an exception to the “zero equipment” rule, which is is the last loadout. To win, players will need to score a kill with a Combat Knife and two Throwing Knives.

Getting the Win

So how does one win in Gun Game? There are three was to go about it:

  • Upgrade all the way to the Combat Knife and execute a Finishing Move.
    • If you're not familiar with Finishing Moves, all you need to do is press and hold the melee button. Once you do this you should execute a truly devastating kill that’s unique to your Operator.
  • Land a kill with the Throwing Knife.
    • This objective tests the precision of a player. Gun Game matches can pick up speed, especially toward the end, as all players work to get the final loadout. While it's clearly not an easy feat to hit a moving target with a Throwing Knife, it's one of the reasons why this game mode makes for great target practice.
  • Earn the highest score before time’s up.
    • If no one manages to land a Finishing Move or even get a Throwing Knife kill before the time limit, the player with the highest score is the one declared as the winner.
    • What this means is that there's really no need to worry if you didn't manage to reach the last loadout. Perseverance can still let you land at the top of the leaderboard.


In order to keep an enemy from advancing to the next weapon, players need to go for a melee kill or land a Finishing Move. However, getting killed to an attack results in players respawning with their previous weapon. In essence, players get a demotion.

Have Fun

The way Gun Game cycles through the different weapons is one of the reasons why this is one of the best game modes. This is because it lets players familiarize themselves with the different weapons available. Each gun offers unique attachments like perks, under barrel attachments, optics, ammo improvements, and muzzle attachments, among many others. A weapon could have a combination of a few or all attachments.

More XP

It's not just about going through an array of powerful weapons and attachments. Gun Game has the added benefit of adding to your weapon XP stash. Any time players kill an enemy, their gun earns XP for later use. This includes higher-tiered weapons that haven't yet been unlocked. Let's say, for example, you play Gun Game and earn XP with the AK-47. If you haven't unlocked this weapon, the XP is saved to the AK-47 slot. Thus, when you finally get the AK-47, you have some XP ready for use.


There are a lot of maps available for this mode and we look at two of them.

The first is St. Petrograd which offers a large amount of vertical play levels, narrow cross-map routes, and sharp turns. Given its large scale and the amount of room to explore, things are sure to be interesting. Here's a tip: watch out for rooftops as enemies may take positions there to get a better view. If you need to move across open areas, be sure to stick to the walls.

Another map is Hackney Yard, which is a medium-sized map. Compared to large maps where players are spread out, this one allows for faster gameplay. Be sure to make use of the next weapon in your hand once you get a kill. Before entering the warehouse or the tire shop, be sure to scan the entrances for enemies lurking about.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and test your skills.

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