Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Bringing Back Farah And Nikolai In Season Six

Look who's joining the fight.
Look who's joining the fight. Activision

Looks like there’s trouble in Verdansk and apparently all roads, or rather tunnels, lead to Zakhaev. There is a bit of a good news though as two familiar faces are here to re-enter the fight and put some sense into things. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare revealed that series veteran Nilokai and campaign hero Farah are coming with the Season Six Battle Pass.

The Resistance Leader

Farah Ahmed Karim founded, and remains to be the leader of, the Urzikstan Liberation Force. Ever since she survived imprisonment by Roman Barkiv, she has since become a fighter like no other. In addition to being a leader, she’s also an exceptional solider who’s known a lifetime of war. By training with the SAS, she has managed to hone her skills even further. She joins the Chimera of the Allegiance following the events of the campaign.

In the Season Six Battle Pass, players immediately get access to her at Tier 0. Completing her Operator Missions allow players to earn additional skins, among the many rewards.

The Patriot

The fighter that is known as Nikolai is at heart a Russian patriot whose love for his country is only matched by his love for weapons. Known in many circles as a fixer, he can get almost anything, anywhere, and anytime. Indeed, this weapons enthusiast plays by his own rules and is the one you can depend on when something requires discretion and dirty work. He currently serves as a commanding officer of Chimera after agreeing to defend Verdansk.

Nikolai can be unlocked at Tier 100 of the Season Six Battle Pass. Like with Farah, players can earn additional skins, as well as other rewards, by completing Operator Missions.

New Season

While not much has been revealed about the upcoming Season Six, there have been bits and pieces of information. For one, the Lead Multiplayer VFX Artist for Infinity Ward Reed Shingledecker revealed in a tweet that Season Six is going to introduce new tracer weapons along with a “really cool subway system.”

A new way to get around.
A new way to get around. Activision

That said, the Verdansk Metro Service Map is ready to for everyone to explore once the new season starts. This subway system is going to be fully operational and allow players to use it to get around a lot faster.

Season Six of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare starts on September 29.

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