Call Of Duty: Mobile Wants You to Join the Winter War

Winter is here.
Winter is here. Activision

Winter is already here and it’s no surprise that Call of Duty: Mobile is going all-in with Winter War for Season 13. There’s a lot of earnable content along with two snow-filled multiplayer maps. Players can also expect an On the Brink themed event and even a stacked Battle Pass.

Multiplayer Maps

Winter War brings back two of the fan-favorite maps but decked out for winter. The first is Nuketown Russia, first seen in Black Ops 4. As the name implies, it’s now in Chernobyl instead of the US. There’s a lot of excellent positions here like between the train cards or in one of the two buildings.

The second is Holiday Raid which is sure to give players that holiday spirit. Not only are the mansion and grounds covered in snow but they’re also been decorated with holiday cheer.

Multiplayer Mode

Winter War is also introducing Grind to Call of Duty: Mobile. First seen in Modern Warfare, it combines the rules of Kill Confirmed as well as Hardpoint. This should offer tactical chaos at its finest. Get to confirm kills by picking up dog tags from defeated players and then transport them to set locations across the map. Keep your head in the game since getting taken out means dropping all collected tags.

Battle Pass

As with every new season, there will be a Battle Pass. The Battle Pass Free Tiers has some interesting rewards. Tier 14, for instance, offers the EMP Systems Scorestreak. This can down and disorient the other team and get that needed advantage. Reaching Tier 21 gives players the free Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle, the same one first seen in Black Ops 3.

For even more exclusive rewards, get the Premium Pass Tiers. There’s going to be new winter-themed character skins and even new blueprint weapons.

Seasonal Challenges and Events

The Winter War has a lot of seasonal challenges and events that allow players to earn rewards. There’s the Holiday Bonanza Event that features the Holiday Raid and Winter Prop Hunt. Be ready for the new themed event On the Brink. For this main event, the goal is to activate and deploy sleeper agents to infiltrate city centers. Get the job done and earn new Epic items along with a wide range of Rare and Uncommon weapons and items.

Learn more about the Winter War here.

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