Call Of Duty: Mobile Guide – Prepare For Bootcamp And Your First Multiplayer Experience

Get into bootcamp.
Get into bootcamp. Activision

Call Of Duty: Mobile has officially been released worldwide. This version of the game is available for both iOS and Android. While you may be familiar with the PC or console version, the mobile platform has some differences.

In today's guide, we help you get started with your first Call of Duty: Mobile gaming experience.

It goes without saying that you need to download the app. If you can't find it, it means that game is not yet available for your country and you have to wait a bit longer.

Once you have the app downloaded, you need to create a Username through three ways: Facebook, email, or Guest. We suggest you use Facebook or email since you can keep track of any progress made. Once you have that, you're going to be sent straight to the Tutorial.

Here you get to meet Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley, who Call of Duty fans will likely to recognize as the same soldier from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He is the one who gives an interactive briefing on the game’s basic controls.

You're sent to the Firing Range map first in order to learn how to move, adjust the camera, and pick up a weapon. Remember you're using a mobile device so if you're not familiar, you may need some time to adjust. Anyway, once you get the hang of basic movements, the next step is to learn picking up, aiming, and firing a weapon. You need to learn this using both Simple Mode and Advanced Mode.

What's the difference you ask? Simple Mode has your weapon fire automatically as you move the on-screen crosshairs over a target with the right side of the screen. For aiming down sights, all that needs to be done is to tap the Aim button. Advanced Mode also needs you to press and hold the fire button in order to aim down sights and shoot.

Once you get all of this done, Ghost rewards you with a brand-new weapon. You then need to follow the on-screen prompts in order to equip the new weapon into a Loadout.

You are then going to get the chance to experience your first multiplayer game as Ghost tells you he needs you on the Frontline. This is similar to the Frontline on Nuketown map from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The difference is that in this version, your team is going to be tasked with taking down members of the enemy team 20 times before they earn 20 kills. When you die, you respawn back at a home base and have a brief period of invulnerability. In your first shot at multiplayer, try to pick up a win and you are going to get enough experience points to reach level two. Reaching level two unlocks the Frag Grenade, which can now be used in Multiplayer Loadouts. You are also going to be rewarded with a Log-In Bonus when you complete this match. If you log-in for seven consecutive days you get a special reward.

That’s it for today’s guide. Next time we delve a little deeper on the technical side of Call of Duty: Mobile.

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