Brotato Gets Four New Unique Characters Courtesy of Update

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The top-down roguelite arena shooter Brotato has received a new patch that you definitely want to download right away! Update adds four new characters to the game, and these are the Lich, Cyborg, Jack, and Arms Dealer.

The Lich is a new character in Brotato that can sustain itself very well thanks to its lifesteal. Not only that but the Lich also has a chance to deal a certain amount of damage to a random enemy when healed.

If you’re the type of person who just wants to “spray and pray,” then the Cyborg might appeal to you. This character starts with a minigun and any buffs to your ranged damage are magnified by a whopping 300%! That’s not all! Each point of your ranged damage is temporarily converted into eight Engineering points halfway through the wave, which means that the damage done by your turrets and landmines is increased as a result.

Perhaps you want a character that can quickly gain enough resources for you to buy new weapons and upgrades. If that is the case, Jack is perfect for you! Jack has a unique trait that increases the loot dropped by enemies by 200%. Besides that, Jack is quite effective against bosses and elites because he’s capable of dealing 50% more damage to them.

Having a hard time finding the perfect weapon in Brotato? Well, the Arms Dealer might help you with that. This character starts with a Dangerous Bunny, meaning you have the ability to reroll shop items once for free. On top of that, you will always find at least one weapon in the shop when you’re using the Arms Dealer.


  • Added 13 new items
  • Added 3 new weapons
  • Added endless mode
  • Added support for Steam Workshop
  • Wildling: -3 Melee/Ranged Damage > -0, +25% Lifesteal with Primitive weapons > +30%
  • Farmer: 5% Harvesting growth > 3%, +30 Harvesting > +20, +1 Harvesting when eating a consumable while at full health
  • Mage: -100 Melee/Ranged Damage/Engineering > -0, -100% Melee/Ranged Damage/Engineering modifications instead
  • Arms Dealer: +25% Damage modifications > +33%
  • Demon can now start with Chopper
  • Laser Gun: base damage increased
  • Dagger: damage increased, chance for material on crit increased
  • Slingshot: reduced scaling from getting upgraded
  • Plank: damage scaling starts at 50% instead of 25% Melee/Elemental/Engineering, cooldown reduced
  • Hammer: 100% Melee Damage scaling > 150%/175%/200% (tier II/III/IV)
  • Plasma Sledgehammer: 100% Melee/Elemental Damage scaling > 150%/200% (tier III/IV)
  • Thunder sword: 100% Melee/Elemental Damage scaling > 125%/150% (tier III/IV)
  • Obliterator: slightly slower projectile
  • Screwdriver: Tool, Precise > Tool, +3 Knockback
  • Ghost Scepter: base damage increased, cooldown decreased

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

So, what can you say about the new characters introduced in Brotato Update

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