Broken Universe: Update v.0.11.15 Improves PEN Stat in Buildings

Broken Universe
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Broken Universe is a beautifully crafted 2D tower defense game. It provides a unique gameplay experience via different strategies to eliminate the enemy. For instance, you can block certain pathways so that enemies will only go in a specific direction, making them easier to kill.

Update v.0.11.15 has been deployed, and it implements various building and technical improvements. New skins that change the appearance of the lander, drone, and UI have been added as well.

Building Changes

The developers have emphasized the importance of penetration (PEN) in this update by making good adjustments to certain buildings. The Laser Turret and Crystal Tower have their PEN stat increased to 9/18/25. These, as well as other buildings with high penetration, are perfect against enemies with high defense.

Some structures, such as the Mine Launcher and High Frequency Generator, can now prevent targets from healing for a short time. Be sure to put them in strategic locations on the field.

Another notable change is that all buildings and monsters now prioritize attacking targets that can be killed first.


  • A new "Low Spec Mode" has been added. You can find the Low Spec Mode in the [Graphics] tab of the options screen. Low Spec Mode hides all props, greatly improving the performance of the game
  • Power information has been added to the lander information in [Lander] tab in the Lab screen
  • All buildings and monsters now attack non-invulnerable targets first if possible
  • Frozen Silo
    • ATK changed to 5/5/5
    • PEN increased to 15/20/25
  • Air Blaster
    • PEN increased to 10/13/16
  • Chain Launcher
    • Resources increased to 100
    • ATK reduced to 10/11/12
    • PEN increased to 12/20/28
    • Range reduced to 250/275/300
  • Chaos Ball
    • Delay reduced to 250
    • Range reduced to 325
  • Iron Bumper
    • Resourced reduced to +10
  • Signal Booster
    • Shield increased to +30
  • Prism Plus
    • Shield increased to +75
  • Apple Chip
    • HP increased to +175
  • Leaf of Life
    • Resourced increased to +50
    • HP reduced to +50
    • Shield increased to +50
    • Added: 25% damage reduction
    • Removed: Hp recovery +30; +5 Shield recovery
New Skins
New Skins Steam
  • Fixed the issue where EXP was not awarded when clearing a stage in Challenge Mode
  • The wall attack button is no longer activated when clicking on a building that cannot attack a wall
  • Fixed the drone not automatically repairing walls created with items
  • Drones no longer move to construct buildings they are dropping by Air Drop
  • Fixed the issue that the additional damage of "Crystal Tower" and "Eliminator" was not applied

Broken Universe Update v.0.11.15 is available on Android and PC.

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