Brings Your Drawings To Life As TokoToko Has Officially Launched

Drawing plus AR equals fun.
Drawing plus AR equals fun. Kalank

The augmented reality game TokoToko has officially been launched for iOS devices. The game boasts the capability of augmented reality and combines it with the power of imagination. Players draw items on paper in the real world and then get to see them brought to life on screen.

In the game, players are transported to an island and must solve puzzles using drawings in order to help the TokoToko creatures on their journey. Its narrative adventure is not only perfect for kids, but good for adults as well. The way TokoToko adds an innovative technological twist to drawing means that players get to see real-life sketches come to life in order to finish tasks. Players can sketch a trap door in order to make an entrance for a character. They can even draw a sailboat and watch it sail away. Indeed, all of this is possible through AR and TokoToko.

Making the game even cuter is the cast comprised of TokoToko creatures. There is the super-cute cat Hako, Peko the Fish, and Azuko the Lion. Each moment in the game offers a beautiful art style that has been inspired from clay and stop-motion animation. In order to help the TokoToko and let them achieve their dreams, players need to create objects.

The first episode has been released for $2.99. Not to worry though, as those who buy the first episode get the next two episodes for free. As each new episode is released, it explores further the story of Hako and her friends while at the same time offering new features to the TokoToko experience.

Features of TokoToko include:

  • A story-driven augmented reality adventure
  • Life-bringing technology for handmade drawings
  • A coming-of-age story about creativity
  • Cute and charmful creatures with strong personalities
  • A relaxing and amusing place to draw, experiment and create unique art
  • Beautiful art style inspired by clay and stop-motion
  • Augmented creativity puzzles to solve with your own drawings
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