'Breath of the Wild' Rudania Walkthrough: All Terminal Puzzle Solutions Plus Fireblight Ganon Boss Fight Strategy Tips

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Breath of the Wild's Fireblight Ganon, the corruption young Link must face in the Divine Beast Vah Rudania dungeon. (c) Nintendo

Are you ready to tackle the Breath of the Wild Rudania dungeon? Divine Beast Van Rudania, corrupted by Fireblight Ganon, can be a tricky dungeon to approach, but our walkthrough will guide you through the best ways to solve the Rudania terminal puzzles. We also give you the best strategy for defeating Fireblight Ganon and a few tips and tricks to help you survive the fight. Read on to learn how to conquer The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ’s Divine Beast Van Rudania dungeon and Fireblight Ganon below.

Map Terminal: Enter the dungeon’s first room and get rid of the three glowing eyeballs. One of them drops a chest that contains a torch, which you’ll need. Light it with one of the blue flames at the entrance, then use it to light the lantern by the barred gate. Destroy the Guardian Scout and the two eyeballs in the next room as well as the two further eyeballs on your right.

Light up your torch via the previous lantern, then head to the far corner of the room, where you’ll find an unlit lantern. Light it with your torch to raise the barred gate next to it, then activate the terminal in the next room to unlock the dungeon map and fill the Divine Beast with light.

This time, there are two purple pins representing two positions that will let you tilt the entire dungeon by 90 degrees. As always, the orange dots represent terminals that you need to activate.

First terminal: Set an arrow on fire with a blue flame or use a fire arrow to shoot at the ivy on the metal door by the dungeon’s entrance. Once the gates are free, open them using Magnesis and activate the terminal behind them.

Second terminal: Look back towards the entrance and you’ll see a closed gate to the right of the blue flame lanterns. Through a hole in the gate you should be able to see an unlit lantern. Set a fiery arrow through the opening to light the lantern and open the gate. Then ignite another arrow using the lantern you just lit and shoot at the ivy on the ceiling, on the other side of the ramp. This causes a large metal cube to fall.

Put the metal cube next to the red flame streams, then tilt the dungeon by 90 degrees. The red flames are now horizontal. Move the metal cube against the devices shooting fire to block them and enter the next room. Open your map and tilt the dungeon again to interact with the second terminal. Return to the entrance immediately.

Third terminal: Light your torch with a blue flame and stand against the wall opposite the metallic gates, under the long beam running diagonally across the room. Tilt the dungeon by 90 degrees using the bottom purple pin. The long beam will now become a ramp. Jog to the top of the ramp (don’t sprint or your torch will go ut).

Once outside, turn left and drop down to the unlit, open-air lantern below. Once next to it, tilt the dungeon back to its original position and light the lantern with your torch. This releases an orb that rolls down the nearby caged track. Follow the orb until it stops, then tilt the dungeon again. Once the dungeon is rotated, the orb rolls down to the bottom of a ramp, but don’t follow it. Instead, look down from the top of the ramp and you’ll spot a terminal way below you. Drop down and glide over. Once it’s activated, return to the base of the long ramp where the orb sits.

Fourth terminal: At the base of the ramp, lift the metallic cube using Magnesis. The orb will fall into the slot there, raising the nearby gate. Activate the terminal behind it.

Fifth terminal: Tilt the dungeon back to horizontal and return to the entrance. Tilt it again while standing under the long beam to end up at the base of the ramp. Run to the top and drop down to the open-air lantern you lit up recently. From there, shoot the nearby glowing eyeball. Take a few steps forward on your ledge and you’ll notice a second glowing eyeball under the next ledge, so shoot it as well. Use the walkway to your left to reach a treasure chest. From there, stand against the small wall separating the ledge from the walkway. Tilt the dungeon back to its default position and you’ll wind up almost exactly in front of the terminal.

Main control unit: Now that all terminals are activated, you can approach the main control unit just below your current position. This triggers a boss battle.

Fireblight Ganon

Phase One:

As long as Fireblight Ganon has over half its health, it will usually focus on melee attacks.

One attack it performs often is a fast, sweeping attack with a very short wind-up. Perfect-dodge or perfect-guard as soon as the boss’s elbow is level with its back, then hit with a strong counter. Backflips are a good idea: they’ll put you out of range even if you miss that perfect dodge/flurry rush timing window.

Another attack is a vertical sword slash, which has a longer wind-up. Sidehop or perfect-guard right when its left hand moves above its eye, when its palm is fully exposed. Retaliate with your best weapon.

The third melee attack is a swirling attack that will complete three full rotations. Only one hit can be blocked with a shield, so you’ll really need to perfect-dodge or perfect-guard about three seconds after it starts charging this attack. The timing is tricky since there is no visual cue telling you when to use your defensive move. But backflips will save you here, since they put you out of the sword’s range if you tried to defend too early.

Finally, Fireblight Ganon will fling fireballs at you. Dodge these by sprinting or sidehopping.

You’ll want to focus on melee combat against Fireblight Ganon’s first stage. Perfect-dodge assaults and follow up with flurry rushes. Strafe around him and keep wailing on him. You can often flank it as it dishes out a blow and deal major damage without getting tuched. But try to remain close to the main control unit instead of the arena edges, since it only takes one hit to dump you into the lava.

If melee combat is too hard for you, try shooting arrows at it instead. When you hit Fireblight Ganon’s blue eye, it is briefly stunned, which letes you follow up with a quick combo. Repeat this as much as you want.

Phase Two:

Once Fireblight Ganon’s health dips below 50 percent, it will start using fire both offensively and defensively.

As soon as phase two starts, Fireblight Ganon summons an impenetrable force field that neither arrows nor physical attacks can break through. After a charge time of a few seconds, the boss will unleash a fireball that homes in on you and causes a very large explosion on impact. The fireball is large and slow, so you can try to sprint away from it, but the best solution is to hide behind something solid and avoid splash damage that way. You can also use an ice arrow to immediately freeze the fireball.

When Fireblight Ganon charges the fireball attack, you can see that it’s absorbing particles and small objects in the arena. Throw a bomb at Fireblight Ganon during this stage and it will pass through the force field. Detonate it to stun your target so you can run in and hit it with your best combos.

Now, Fireblight Ganon’s small fireballs will be replaced by a single large projectile, the same one it uses during the force field sequence. Either take shelter or freeze it with an ice arrow.

The melee attacks work identically, but now leave fire in their wake or at the point of impact. The timing window for flurry rushes or parries is unchanged. Use these counter opportunities to your advantage by attacking the boss at very close range, strafing in a circle around him. If you have powerful enough weapons, this strategy can end the fight unexpectedly quickly.

From time to time, Fireblight Ganon will target you with a red laser. Once it’s charged, an energy beam will fire. Perform a perfect-guard right when it’s about to hit you to return this beam to sender, inflicting damage an offering an opening for a melee combo.

After the battle, collect the heart container and interact with the main control unit. You'll receive Daruk’s Protection outside, a power that offers complete protection from attacks as you guard with ZL, with a cooldown every three uses. Speak to Bludo to formally complete the quest and open the treasure chest on his throne.

Got any fresh strategy tips for defeating Fireblight Ganon? Did you solve the terminal puzzles in some innovative way? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below. And don’t leave without checking out the rest of our Breath of the Wild guides below:

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