Brawlhalla Welcomes Force Users to the Star Wars Event

Use the force... Ubisoft

The Force has arrived to Brawlhalla. The Star Wars Event introduces Force-wielding characters. Players can also look forward to four Avatars, five Emojis, and even lightsaber Weapon Skins, to name a few.

Let's start with the Avatars introduced in this Star Wars Event who are:

  • Anakin Skywalker
    • A Mythic Crossover for Ezio.
    • Has trained his whole life as the Chosen One and was meant to bring balance to the Force.
    • In the game, he showcases an unorthodox fighting style where he uses his lightsaber (Sword) and a Jedi training remote (Orb).
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • Mythic Crossover for Val.
    • He is a legendary Jedi Master who trained Anakin Skywalker.
    • In the game Obi-Wan wields his lightsaber (Sword) and plastoid clone armor gauntlets (Gauntlets).
      • He can also call on the Force in battle.
  • Ahsoka Tano
    • A Mythic Crossover for Asuri.
    • She was Anakin Skywalker's Padawan apprentice before she left the Jedi Order.
    • In the game she is extremely agile and can use a single lightsaber (Sword) or dual-wield using her reverse lightsaber grip (Katars).
  • Darth Vader
    • A Mythic Crossover for Ezio.
    • One of the most notable villains in the Star Wars galaxy.
    • This former Jedi was tempted to the dark side and now a cybernetic Sith Lord.
    • In the game he fights with his lightsaber (Sword) and an Orb made of crushed metal.
      • He can use the Force to choke opponents or trap them under fallen debris.

Other New Content

This new event also introduces new Weapon Skins which feature original lightsaber designs having customizable color options. These are:

  • Asgardian Lightsaber (Sword)
  • Asgardian Lightsabers (Katars)
  • Asgardian Saberstaff (Spear)

Players can also show their Force skills with the Force Levitation Emote. What this does is cause the player character to summon the Force and then lift stones into the air.

New Avatars are also available for players to show off their allegiance (or love of cute things) with the Jedi Order, Galactic Republic, Tooka Cat, and Battle of the Heroes options. Finally, when it comes to the new Mustafar map, it's always important to remember that having the high ground plays an important role.

Are you ready to use the Force? Join the Star Wars Event now.

Brawlhalla was released in 2017 for the PC and PlayStation 4. The next year it was made available for the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. In August 2020, versions for the mobile were released and available through Android and iOS.

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