Brawhalla Invites You to Master the Elements with Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover

The benders are here.
The benders are here. Ubisoft

The Firelord may have been defeated but the brawl is not over. It's time to master the elements with the Brawlhalla x Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover event. Get ready to try out three new Epic Crossovers in Aang, Zuko, and Toph. Each comes with custom signature effects, two new weapon skins each, and even unique lock-in animations.

In addition to the three, there are also special characters:

  • Sidekick: Appa
    • Appa is a giant flying bison who was frozen with Aang for 100 years.
    • He can often be seen transporting Team Avatar from one adventure to the next.
    • Appa is the largest sidekick to date in the game.
    • He’s been given special animations to accommodate for his unique features and massive size.
  • Emote: Momo
    • Momo is a winged lemur – a hybrid of the spotted bat and the black and white lemur.
    • Momo is incredibly intelligent and trainable.
    • Features custom sound FX.
  • KO Effect: Cabbage Merchant
    • A humble businessman from the Earth Kingdom.
    • The cabbage merchant was plagued by misfortune as his carts of cabbages were often destroyed or damaged after crossing paths with Team Avatar and their enemies.
    • Features custom sound FX.

This crossover event also includes:

  • Free “The Tale of Iroh” Avatar for logging in during the event.
  • New Western Air Temple-themed FFA and 1v1 Maps.
  • New Splash art and UI theme.
  • Original main menu, character select, and victory theme music.
  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate this Epic Crossover event.

Patch 7.01

This new crossover event arrives in the game with Patch 7.01, which introduces new features and fixes. Players can look forward to experiencing the improved Bot AI, with bots now more aware of their attacks, surroundings, and hitboxes. In addition, players can now choose the difficulty level of bots in their matches.

Other game improvements include:

  • User Experience
    • Munin now counts as an Asgardian for any future Battle Pass missions.
  • User Interface
    • Updated preference setting on the “Show Lobby Number” icon to hide the room number for streamers (for console only).
  • Animation
    • Updated Volkov’s Scythe Side Signature on-hit effects to cover common drop areas.

Learn more about what's new in the game here. Brawlhalla is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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