Players Can Now Claim Rewards for Brawlhalla Ranked Season 18

New season is here.
New season is here. Blue Mammoth Games

Brawlhalla announced that the new Ranked Season 19 is now live. That means for those who took part in Ranked Season 18, can now make use of Glory to claim rewards. These include the exclusive Skyforged and Goldforged rewards.

Before we look into what’s happening this week, the launch of the new season is just in time with the release of a new legend. It’s none other than Magyar, the Spectral Guardian. Learn more about him here.

Season 18 Rewards

One of the rewards that players can earn is the Ranked Borders. These are for those who got at least Gold in their best rating. The ranked borders can be seen in the match preview screen.

There are also Ranked Avatars that offer prestigious versions for players who managed to place in high ranks in previous seasons. For example, if a player was placed Platinum in Season 17 and Gold in Season 18, they get upgraded versions of the Competitor’s Badge along with Gold Emblem. To get ranked avatars or borders at any rank, players need to play at least 10 games. The rewards are:

  • Competitor’s Badge
    • Awarded to anyone who plays 10 Ranked Games or more.
  • Gold Emblem
    • Awarded to players who finish at Gold or above.
  • Platinum Emblem
    • Awarded to players who finish at Platinum or above.
  • Diamond Emblem
    • Awarded to players who finish at Diamond.

Doing Some Math

This new season means a soft Elo Reset as well. The soft Elo Reset is going to be based on the player’s current Elo at the end of the season. For those who are interested, the computations can be seen here. If you’re wondering, the Elo serves as the rating system in the game’s Ranked mode.

There are also some changes in the Glory Earnings Calculation. Glory is computed by combining the player’s Highest Peak Rating and Total Wins. The reason for this is to reward both the dedication and skills of those who pursue Glory.

How does it work? Players earn 20 Glory for each win for a maximum of 150 wins. On reaching 150 wins, any succeeding wins will reward smaller Glory.

Learn more about this week’s update here.

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