The Brawlhalla Combat Evolved Crossover is Now Live

An exciting crossover is here. Ubisoft

A new event is now live in Brawlhalla which is sure to make a lot of players happy. That's because Combat Evolved is introducing not one but two Epic Crossovers.

The first is Master Chief, an Epic Crossover for Isaiah. Raised as a fighter since childhood, Master Chief became a renowned Spartan super-soldier which has inspired generations of players. In the game, he uses the SPNKr Rocket Launcher and Magnum Pistols to defeat his opponents. For his Signature Attacks, he has access to an arsenal of signature weapons to knock out enemies, of course with a little help from Guilty Spark.

The other is the Arbiter, an Epic Crossover for Sidra. He fights alongside, or even against, the Master Chief with her unyielding tenacity and unmatched skills in combat. The Arbiter uses a Fuel Rod Cannon and Energy Sword in the game. His signature attacks have him fighting the Flood and using parasites against his enemies.

New Sidekick

Combat Evolved also introduces a new sidekick in the form of Banshee, the iconic ground support aircraft of the Covenant. This one brings players back to stage as well as drop off weapons that they can use. The Epic Crossover also brings the Mongoose Buddy Emote and new Halo Map.

Time for Oddbrawl

Players can try out the Brawl of the Week as well, which is the Team Oddbrawl. This 2v2 match up tasked them to hold a flaming skull and score points for their team. They earn more points when they land attacks with the Oddball. The team that reaches 100 points first wins the match.

Adjustments for Red Raptor

The new Epic Crossover arrives with a patch, which introduces the first round of adjustments for Red Raptor. This should make him legal in official tournaments starting with the 2023 Summer Championship.

One adjustment for Red Raptor increased the recover time for the Neutral Orb from 20 to 23. While this increases the risk, it also matches the significant threat coverage by Red Raptor. Meanwhile, the Side Orb received these changes:

  • Increased time to hit from 17 to 19
  • Decreased force from 55 fixed/50 variable to 55 fixed/48 variable
  • Increased recover time from 28 to 29
  • Decreased maximum travel speed
  • Slightly decreased travel speed after the dismount

Brawlhalla is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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