Brawlhalla Celebrates Valentine's Day With New Skins And Other Offers

It's Valhallentine's!
It's Valhallentine's! Blue Mammoth Games

It's the month of love, which makes it a good time to find your Valhallentine. To celebrate this, Brawlhalla released Patch 3.56 which offers new skins for Volkov and Kor. There's also going to be a new Lovestruck 2020 Podium, Lovestruck Colors, and even 11 exclusive Valentine's Day-themed Skins.

Here are the 11 Valentine's-themed skins being offered with this new patch:

  • Red Romance Volkov – “He’d love to have you for dinner…”
  • Cho-Kor-Late – “With a cherry on top!”
  • Secret Admirer Zariel – “Would you be my Valentine?”
  • Lovelaced Ada – “This sweet romance will leave you hurting.”
  • Heartbreaker Barraza – “Giving love a bad name.”
  • Suitor Lucien – “If looks could kill (and they do).”
  • Heart of Hathor Mirage – “No better way to be welcomed to the afterlife.”
  • Demon Bride Hattori – “They say marriage changes you. Bonus: Horrific visage with Hattori’s expressions.”
  • Eternal Love Brynn – “Fall in love with her forever, and ever, and ever.”
  • Classy Roland – “A rose in his teeth, eleven more in his chest hair.”
  • Date Night Nai – “She even likes the same bands you do.”

Other Valentine's-themed items that have been introduced are:

  • Podium
    • Lovestruck 2020 Podium – “A mythical creature indeed!’”
      • New exclusive design for 2020.
      • Features an animated marble Pegasus statue.
  • Weapon Skin
    • Cupid’s Bow
      • “Shot through the heart!”
      • Exclusive Valhallentine Bow Weapon Skin.
  • Colors
    • Lovestruck Colors
      • It's a sure KO with these colors particularly with their pink, red, and white colors.
      • Available for every Legend with your hard-earned Gold.
  • KO Effect
    • XO KO
      • “KO-ed in the name of love. Bonus: Displays your Legend’s face on each Cherub!”
      • This is an exclusive KO for this month's romantic event.
  • Avatars
  • Candy Hearts Avatar
    • It's an animated Avatar.
    • “Aw you’re sweet! And kind of chalky.”
  • Chocolate Bear’dvar Avatar
    • “Nothing says love like chocolate… and bears.”
    • Can be purchase with Gold.

Brawl of the Week

For this week, it's all about Platform Kings. Players get the chance to see if they have what it takes to be the platform king. In this one, four players go against each other on a map that comes with six platforms. Players need to stay on the red platform in order to score points and must stun opponents in order to stop them from scoring. The player that gets the most points after two minutes wins.


With the update, Malhalla has candy hearts that players can follow in order to find Valhallentine items. That's not all, as Brawlhalla is going to rotate through chests faster. To know when the next chest is rotating, players simply need to check out the in-game timer. There are also new Sales items.

You can view all the changes that came with Patch 3.56 here.

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