Brawl Stars: #Stuntshow Update Introduces New Brawlers Janet and Bonnie

#Stuntshow Update
#Stuntshow Update Twitter/@BrawlStars

The fun multiplayer online battle arena Brawl Stars got a pretty good patch that players should download now. The #Stuntshow update introduces two new Brawlers: Janet and Bonnie.

Janet is an acrobatic performer and a talented singer. She’s all about show business, so it’s no surprise that her abilities are flashy, to say the least. Her main attack is called High Note. It is a cone-shaped attack that gets longer and narrower the longer the aim button is held. In addition, she takes off and flies around the arena for a short time when using her super, Crescendo. What’s great about this is that she can attack the enemy Brawlers on the ground while in flight as well.

Bonnie is Janet’s little sister. She may be reckless and overly excited, but she’s not afraid of putting her life on the line to perform some daring stunts, including being shot from a cannon (which is funnily named Clyde). Bonnie is an epic Brawler that has two different forms.

Her default Cannon form allows her to fire a tooth-shaped cannonball as her main attack. In this form, Bonnie can use her Star Launcher super to launch herself using Clyde, dealing damage on impact while changing forms in the process.

When in Bonnie form, her main attack changes to Bomber Jacket where she throws short-range quick bombs that do high damage. She also switches back to Clyde when using her super while in this form.

Update Highlights

  • Gadget: Drop the Bass
    • Janet drops a loudspeaker that deals 100 damage per second in an area around it
  • Gadget: Backstage Pass
    • Janet’s next attack pushes her back a distance based on her main attack range
  • Star Power: Stage View
    • While flying, Janet reveals a large area of bushes around her
  • Star Power: Vocal Warm-Up
    • Janet's attack focuses 30% faster
  • Gadget: Sugar Rush
    • Clyde's attack and movement speed are increased by 30% for 5 seconds
  • Gadget: Crash Test
    • Bonnie dashes a short distance and knocks Brawlers back while dealing deals 300 damage
  • Star Power: Black Powder
    • Star Launcher has 36% longer range
  • Star Power: Wisdom Tooth
    • Clyde's attack shatters on hit and deals 25% damage per projectile
  • A new Spray slot is unlocked at 650, 1300, and 1600 trophies
  • New Sprays can be acquired through the Brawl Pass, Challenges, and the Shop
  • They are equipped in the Brawler screen in a new tab next to the Pin selection, and the in-game use is the same as for the Pins
  • Sprays are sprayed on the floor of the map. They are visible for all players and each player can only have one spray active at a time

The full patch notes can be found on the official website of Brawl Stars.

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