Brawl Stars: Biodome Update Introduces New Chromatic Brawler Eve

Brawl Stars Biodome Update
Brawl Stars Biodome Update Supercell Games

A new Chromatic Brawler is now available in Brawl Stars. The Biodome update introduces Eve - a small alien flea that shoots eggs at her opponents. You can also purchase the Biodome Brawl Pass, which features the Firefly Rico and Spiky Eve skins, among others.

New Brawler

New Chromatic Brawler: Eve
New Chromatic Brawler: Eve Supercell Games

Eve is the newest Chromatic Brawler to join the game. She can be acquired through the Brawl Pass and is unlocked at Tier 30.

Her main attack has her launch three-egg projectiles of various sizes and damage output. The subsequent eggs are bigger, and thus, deal more damage. Her super, Baby Boom, has Eve release a huge egg that hatches three hatchlings. They will attack the nearby enemy and deal damage over time.

Because Eve is flying around in her spaceship, she has the ability to float over obstacles, such as holes and water, which discourages her enemies from pursuing her.

Gadgets are items that Brawlers can equip to activate special new abilities. That said, Eve has two gadgets she can use: “Gotta Go!” and “Motherly Love.” The former has her jump away, leaving a Hatchling behind. The latter will have her hatchlings (from her Baby Boom super) heal allies over time instead of damaging opponents.

Patch Notes

Firefly Rico Skin
Firefly Rico Skin Supercell Games
  • Biodome Skins:
  • Firefly Rico (Brawl Pass tier 1)
  • Spiky Eve (Brawl Pass Skin)
  • Wasp Bo (Power League)
  • Lion Bull (Club League)
The following skins will be offered as an IAP (In-app Purchase) first, and later become available to purchase with gems:
  • Ivy Belle
  • Mr.Fly
  • Mantis Rosa
  • Corrupted Sprout
  • Doctor Edgar
  • Beetle Meg
  • Bunny Grom (Easter)
True Silver and Gold Skins
  • Sprout
  • Surge
  • Ruffs
  • Buzz
  • 3v3 mode
  • To win, defeat 8 brawlers before the enemy team, or defeat more enemy Brawlers than the opposite team in 2 minutes
  • 3v3 mode
  • Push your payload by standing near it. Standing near the opponent’s payload slows it down
  • Be the first team to push your payload to the goal to win the match
Mr. P
  • Handle with care is now baseline
  • New handle with care: Every 4 seconds, the next briefcase deals 40% more damage after bouncing
  • Revolving door: Existing functionality removed
  • New revolving door: Spawners have 20% more hp and 30% more damage
  • Grom projectile speed is now constant (same travel time no matter range)
  • Reduce super projectile ranges from 25 to 17
  • Super charge is now 6 hits (down from 7, buff (bugfix))

You can read the full patch notes on the official website.

Brawl Stars is available on Android and iOS.

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