PSG Esports Forms Brawl Stars Team

Brawl Stars Supercell

PSG Esports continues its foray into mobile gaming as it joins the world of competitive Brawl Stars.

Released in December 2018, Brawl Stars has reached 15 million players. Developed by Supercell, the same company that released Clash of Clans, the game is currently first in App Store Ranking in almost 10 countries.

Esports Chief Gaming Officer Yassine Jaada said in a statement that given how huge Brawl Stars has become, the organization is happy to come up with a strong team for this mobile game. Since the goal was to position the organization to be one of the top teams on Brawl Stars, the organization came up with a team composed of French players. The Brawl Stars team is composed of Murat ‘SunBentley‘ Can, Maxime ‘TwistiTwik‘ Alic, and Anthony ‘Tony M‘ Cagny.

With this, PSG Esports will now have teams for six games with two being mobile games.

The organization considers these three as being one of the best teams in Brawl Stars. TwistiTwik, for example, has one of the highest scores in the game at 17,163. In terms of ranking, Tony M has already held first place in the game’s world leaderboard. TwistiTwik has gone as high as second place with SunBentley topping out at fourth place.

As a way of showing that PSG Esports is serious in its foray into Brawl Stars, the organization has hired none other than Théodore “Trapa” Bayoux as coach of the new team.

Trapa has long been known in the Mobile Sports scene in France. He first gained prominence as a commentator for Clash Royale. In fact, he has already been called the Thierry Roland of esports. If you’re not familiar with the name, Roland was the top soccer commentator in France for a total of 59 years.

While he is known for his commentary on Clash Royale, Trapa is recognized as an expert when it comes to all Supercell games. His analysis of Brawl Stars games have been unlike any other.

In addition to being the coach, he is also expected serve as the official YouTuber of the organization. With at least 600,000 followers on social media like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, there is no question that PSG Esports made a good hiring decision.

With a new team and new coach, PSG Esports hopes that 2019 will be a bigger and more productive year than 2018.

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