Borderlands 3 Shows Another Side of Vault Hunters in New Cosmetic Packs

Enjoy a new cosmetics pack.
Enjoy a new cosmetics pack. Gearbox Software

The Director’s Cut add-on for Borderlands 3 is dropping tomorrow. It’s set to offer players new content including a new raid boss, new Vaults, and new story missions. One thing that should excite everyone is the "Multiverse Disciples of the Vault" cosmetic packs.

Before we reveal why, remember when the game received the Multiverse Final Form cosmetic packs back in November last year? It had cosmetic packs for our favorite vault hunters Amara, FL4K, Moze, and Zane. The packs also came with backstories explaining what happened to them if they didn’t become vault hunters.

In the new Multiverse Disciples of the Vault, we now get to see what happens when these four joined the "Children of the Vault (COV)," instead of going against them.

The Hero Becomes Sinister

We know that if Amara didn’t become a vault hunter, she would have become a prizefighter before choosing the path of humility and justice. On the other side of the coin, she would have been tempted by Calypso's offer to learn more about her Siren ability. She would later become loyal to COV and see them as rebels against the corporations. With her Siren abilities intact, she becomes the Sinister Sister, the holy avatar of Tyreen's will.

A sinister turn of events.
A sinister turn of events. Gearbox Software

A 360-degree Turn

Without vault hunting, FL4K would instead hunt for wisdom and knowledge, preferring to stay in the library and become the Grand Archivist. In this version, FL4K continues to quest to find Death and believes that it can be found with the COV. Joining the group, he becomes a symbol of destruction and is now known as the H4RBINGER.

From seeking knowledge to bringing destruction.
From seeking knowledge to bringing destruction. Gearbox Software

From Soldier to Saint

Without the benefit of vault hunting, Moze leads the Ursa Corps to victory at the Battle of Darzaran Bay. That would start the path leading her to become a high-ranking officer of the Vladof army.

In this version, she gets ambushed by an army of COV but single-handedly destroys them. This act spreads across COV who then make their pilgrimage to have her bless them. Missing the community and camaraderie present in the army, she eventually accepts being the Saint of Iron.

The solider becomes the saint.
The solider becomes the saint. Gearbox Software

A Leader Rises

Spending years being an assassin, Zane decides not to retire yet. He ups his game using cutting-edge technology and becomes the most feared hired killer.

Constantly on the run, Zane decides to infiltrate COV in hopes of losing himself in their ranks. With the blood of a Flynt inside himself, it wouldn’t be long till he became a bandit instead of living with them. With his skills, he later rises through the ranks and becomes the clan leader known as “Bane Flynt.”

The rise to clan leader.
The rise to clan leader. Gearbox Software

So what do you think about these versions?

The Multiverse Disciples of the Vault cosmetic packs are immediately available and accessible to those who have the Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition or Season Pass 2. Learn more about this new cosmetic pack and the Director’s Cut here.

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