Demon's Souls Remake Will Feature Over 180 Helpful Tips

Demon's Souls Remake
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Among the many games that are releasing this month, fans are excited for a remake of the classic action RPG Demon's Souls. The remake is being developed by SIE Japan Studios and Bluepoint Games. Fans have already seen what the Demon's Souls remake looks like on the next-gen console, and from what we can tell, the game does look promising. It has been rebuilt from the ground up while retaining core elements such as the combat and the deadly difficulty curve that the original Demon's Souls was known for.

Now, we have also learned that Demon's Souls Remake will feature over 180 helpful videos, which according to Demon's Souls creative director Gavin Moore, will offer "increasing levels of visibility into what's needed to complete portions of the game, available via the interface."

Among the many things that the PS5 is offering, the UI is a major aspect that has seen massive improvement this time around. The PS5 UI will also serve as a platform that seamlessly links players to guides and tutorials that they might need to complete a particular portion of a given game. And if you're a Soulsborne veteran, you may already know how notoriously difficult those games are. Given that the Demon's Souls remake looks very enticing, even new gamers who haven't played Soulsborne games in past are likely to pick it up. This is where these helpful videos will prove beneficial.

Demon's Souls Remake is said to run at 4K resolution on the PS5, but players will also have an option to choose to prioritize framerate over visual fidelity. Demon's Souls Remake also supports fast loading, allowing players to get back into the action faster after each death. With haptic feedback and Tempest 3D audio, Demon's Souls is gearing up to be the next best Soulsborne game that fans can experience.

Demon's Souls is releasing on November 12 for PS5. This is also the same day when the PS5 itself launches.

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