Bloons TD Battles 2: New Hero Ezili Introduced in Update 1.5

Update 1.5
Update 1.5 Steam

Update 1.5 for Bloons TD Battles 2 is now available on all platforms and it introduces a new hero named Ezili.

Ezili is a unique hero because her main attacks will put a curse on enemy bloons. Bloons affected by Ezili’s curse take damage over time. This makes her quite an effective hero, especially in the late game where enemies get tankier because of all the upgrades.

What’s more, Ezili unlocks the Sacrificial Totem at Level 7 that gives Camo detection, extra pierce, attack range, attack speed, and projectile speed to nearby Monkeys. Additionally, nearby Wizard Monkey Towers get more pierce and attack speed, so players using such towers can truly benefit from Ezili.

Update 1.5 also implements some major changes to tower unlocks. First, all upgrades up to Tier 4 are unlocked immediately upon purchasing a tower, though it is important to note that the Monkey Money cost of all towers has been raised to reflect this increased value.

Second, the three Tier 5 upgrades can be purchased for a flat rate of 1,500 Monkey Money per tower. Third, Tower XP from here on out will now only be used for purchasing Mastery cosmetics.

You can read the other big changes in Update 1.5 below:

Alt Unlock Changes
  • All Hero alts will be available alongside the main heroes on the hero screen and will no longer be connected to the hero rewards system.
  • Alt Heroes will cost Monkey Money and Hero Points from their main hero. Hero Points can be gained by playing with the main hero or found in chests, event rewards, or the daily reward.
Tier Restrictions Removed
  • All upgrade tiers can now be used in any arena.
  • This restriction is no longer necessary now that upgrades do not need to be earned.
New Daily Freebie
  • Visit the store every 24 hours to receive a small amount of Monkey Money, Battle Points, Tower XP, or Hero Points. There is also a Battle Chest that can be claimed every 4 hours by watching an ad (or using a reward token on the desktop).
Added Score Value to the Hall of Masters Leaderboard
  • Players in the Hall of Masters can now see their scores on the leaderboard.
  • The post-game screen will show how much the Hall of Masters scores increased or decreased as a result of that game.
  • Note: this is not the same as the ELO value used for matchmaking but it is derived from skill and used for placement on the leaderboard.

Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.5 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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