Bloons TD 6: Ultra-Juggernaut Now More Effective Against Lead Bloons in Update v35.0

Update 35.0
Update 35.0 Twitter/@ninjakiwigames

Do you struggle to deal with Lead Bloons in Bloons TD 6? Well, the Dart Monkey’s Ultra-Juggernaut has been buffed in Update v35.0, making it a pretty good option against those metallic balloons.

The Dart Monkey’s Ultra-Juggernaut upgrade received a couple of buffs in the latest BTD6 patch. The Ultra-Juggernaut’s main projectile can now deal 20 more bonus damage to Lead Bloons, allowing you to pop the annoying metallic bloons with ease. Furthermore, the main projectile turns into smaller spiked balls upon impact. That said, the mini-balls damage to Ceramic Bloons has increased slightly from two to three.

In addition, the Glue Gunner’s 5xx “The Bloon Solver'' upgrade now drops puddles of acid on the track when it destroys a bloon. The resulting puddle deals one pierce of 20 damage to anything that hits it. According to developers, they might adjust this in the future by lowering the damage but increasing the pierce to help improve crosspathing of the pools.

You can read the other notable changes and features in Update v35.0 below:

  • From v35 onwards a pseudo-offline mode can now be selected to continue playing if you are unable to update to the latest game version - this has been a much-requested feature so we’re pleased that it’s in!
  • Added Jukebox shuffle option to the in-game pause menu, also with jukebox enabled songs are now shuffled once on entering a map and stay in that new order until you exit and start a new game - another much-requested feature and we love it, too, so keep up the feedback, it really does help!
Bomb Shooter
  • xx4 Recursive Cluster second cluster pierce multiplier x6 > x3
  • xx4 Recursive Cluster gains bonus damage to Fortified +1
  • xx5 Bomb Blitz gains bonus damage to Fortified +5
Glue Gunner
  • x2x Glue Splatter price reduced from $1,800 > 1,650
  • x3x Glue Hose price reduced from $2,900 > 2,500
  • x4x Glue strike price reduced from $3,850 > 3,450
  • x5x Glue Storm duration increased from 15s > 20
  • xx1 Stickier Glue price increased from 120 > 280
  • xx4 Relentless Glue no longer drops any puddles on the track
  • xx4 Relentless Glue on any glued layer popping stuns Bloons (non-moabs) in the area with a small splat (pierce 3, radius 12, 0.5s duration)
  • xx5 Super Glue on any glued layer popping stuns any Bloons or MOABs in the area with a small splat (pierce 3, radius 12, 0.5s duration)
Sniper Monkey
  • 4xx Maim MOAB price increased from $5,000 > 5,400
  • 5xx Cripple MOAB price reduced from $34,000 > 32,000
  • x3x Bouncing Bullets bounce pierce 4 > 3
  • x4x Supply Drop bounce pierce remains 4 (unchanged)
  • xx4 Full Auto Rifle moab bonus increased from 1 > 2
  • xx5 Elite Defender moab bonus remains at 2

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Bloons TD 6 Update v35.0 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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