Bloons TD 6: The Formidable Dreadbloon Has Arrived in Update v34.0

Update v34.0
Update v34.0 Twitter@ninjakiwigames

Despite the many setbacks experienced by the development company, Ninja Kiwi still managed to launch the final major update for Bloons TD 6 in 2022.

Update v34.0 brings new content and improvements. One of the most notable is the addition of a new boss bloon, which is none other than the formidable armored behemoth: the Dreadbloon!

What makes the Dreadbloon so terrifying is that it is immune to one damage type at a time. As if that’s not enough, this armored behemoth is also protected by multiple layers of defenses. Players must destroy all of them first before they can damage the boss itself.

Aside from the new boss bloon, Update v34.0 introduces a new map called One Two Tree. This snowy farm landscape is perfect for beginners who are learning the various mechanics of Bloons TD 6. One of the things that makes this map beginner-friendly is that trees and snowmen are removed every few rounds. In their stead are buffs that improve some of the player’s stats, including pierce, damage, and attack speed. Players can even get a 10% discount from time to time!


  • A number of localization fixes, especially centered around the newer Polish language option, thank you to everyone who offered their feedback on that.
  • Advanced challenges & Time Attack tiles in CT will no longer earn XP
  • Failed CT score submissions due to internet problems are now able to attempt to resubmit
  • Boss Events now support multipliers to Boss Speed & Boss HP as an event rule
  • Boss Events now support paragon count limits as an event rule
  • CT Events now support splitting up tile degradation rules based on the tile type
  • CT Events rules now support the option of tiles going ‘stale’, not awarding any more points but still remaining captured - we’ve built out some systems to address issues players are having with how CT works currently and will be trying some things out in future now that the systems are in place
  • The Trophy Store icon on the main menu will now display a notification when there are limited time items available that you don’t yet own
  • Resolved an issue with placing certain towers near the top of the map preventing their model from loading
  • Resolved a game crash on boost upgrading a hero that has already leveled past 10
  • Save icon on maps should no longer interact with clicks as if it is it’s own separate button
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when exiting a custom input mode for a tower
  • Resolved an issue preventing the first game launch without internet for no reason
  • Resolved a number of map specific placement issues
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when quickly entering and exiting from CT
  • Resolved an edge case with host re-joining lobby causing games to run in different modes for each player
  • Resolved an issue where focus markers could remain on CT map after new event start
  • Resolved a noticeable lag spike on game saving the player profile
  • Resolved an issue with stacking model assets on CT island menu
  • Resolved an issue with store-purchased relics and their regular counterparts sometimes not stacking together

Bloons TD 6 Update v34.0 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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