Bloons TD 6: Players Can Battle It Out in the New Dark Dungeons Map in Update v35.0

Update 35.0
Update 35.0 Twitter/@ninjakiwigames

Ninja Kiwi released another major update for Bloons TD 6, now available on all platforms. This patch introduced two new maps - one of which was created by a Redditor via the 200k map concept competition held long ago.

The map in question is called Dark Dungeons designed by Redditor Lars_Overwick. This map is placed in the expert category because of its many traps and mechanics.

When players decide to battle in the Dark Dungeons, they will instantly notice the statue in the middle. This statue glows up when the left and right torches at the bottom of it are clicked. Interacting with the glowing statue will ask players to pay $50,000. Once the fee is paid, the statue is activated and it will fire a blue bolt of magic that zooms around the map to attack the Bloons.

The Dark Dungeons Statue can be upgraded twice, though players need to save a ton of money for that. That’s because upgrading the statue to level 2 requires $150,000, and another $300,000 if players want to upgrade it to level 3.

Players who want a more beginner-friendly map can choose the Middle of the Road. This is another map added in Update v35.0 that takes place in a small town in the desert.

What makes Middle of the Road such a great map for Bloons TD 6 newbies is that the Bloons have only one entry point at the top-left side. Then, they proceed and make a loop around the three buildings at the top, curve around a black tire skid mark on the right, and make another loop around the buildings at the bottom while continuing to follow the rest of the road.

And the last notable addition in the latest update for Bloons TD 6 is the new Kaiju Pat skin for Pat Fusty. It seems that the folks at Ninja Kiwi are huge Godzilla fans as Pat Fusty resembles the iconic monster from the said franchise when this skin is equipped.

Here are the other features included in this patch:

New Trophy Store Items
  • Heroes: Biker Bones Infernal Rift placement and upgrade animation - we had fun with this one!
  • Monkeys: Sniper Chameleon pet, no camouflaging that cuteness!
  • Game & UI: Banner 26 - Glue Storm banner, Avatar 69 Bloonarius, Avatar 70 Studious Patch, Avatar 71 Just A Little Monkey, Avatar 72 Happy Banana Farmer
New CT Team Store Items
  • Base Props: Cosy Beanbag Monkey
  • Icons: Year of the Rabbit icon, Buzzy Bee icon
  • Frames: Year of the Rabbit frame, A Kiwi Summer frame

So, what can you say about the new Dark Dungeons map in Bloons TD 6 Update v35.0?

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